Digital Pen Quran Price in Pakistan

What is Digital Pen Quran

As a true Muslim Holy book for Muslims must be able to get read and then understand Quran well and then are lots of teachers who actually support and give benefit. There were specific term and times on the way to use as high the services of Qari and then the teacher for Quran for their children placed. For the big way of solution we have a source easier method how to read and understand Quran. At this time digital Quran pen and is what we will actually discus into the detail.

It is a pen best innovation and from the developers who exactly want the Muslims able to read and understand Quran completely. Muslim people who cannot understand even cannot read the Quran well and then digital Quran pen is quite easy to use and memorize too. The digital Quran pen is a easy to use and then appropriate for kids, teens, young and even the old people equally.

Digital Pen Quran Price in Pakistan ——-  4500

How to use Digital Pen Quran


Way of using the digital pen very easy and simple and best to know exactly the thing as technology and about the good thing beforehand. As the new technology people talking about and is one of the meant to create reading and learning, memorizing, reading easy for all the people who Muslim. Getting to know as it should know exactly right technology to help you against your love to Quran and will satisfy you.

First of all you can use it to read the complete page on your front and then who are currently in good recitation levels,

With the practice of memorizing the page to page and as using digital pen Quran,

Point the Digital Quran pen comes with it and will recite what written,

People can also recite it after listen to it,

You can use the pen to touch on the page number of the Quran,

How to Read By Ayah to Ayah with the Pen

Never feel up to the reciting the complete page and not have to worry about. Way of reading Ayah in Quran with the digital pen will also help to memorize one ayah after the other. Digital Quran pen offers the capability to repeat the verse if you touch again and again.

How to Read By Surah with the Pen

As to know Quran consist of different Surah and only the several of them short enough to memorize in a specific period of time is also essential. It will also help you memorizing quickest and easier even into the proper way of reading the Surah with the digital Quran pen.

Digital Pen Quran Features

Millions of features are available and then we can use to mange Holly Quran and then read without mistakes and can also memorize with it easily. Here are the best features available we have and then will become regular reader with the solution for poor readers.

Digital pen Quran is best Quari Teacher for your children,

Hard to carry whole Quran on the time of traveling but easy now with Digital pen Quran,

An amazing technology equally fit with reading, writing, learning and understanding,

Tackle dilemma, Darussalam publishers is proud to launch,

Young or old, Arab or non Arab beginner or master digital pen Quran is good,

Simply by touching at any Ayah you can read and listen it,

Quran learning pen will improve reading skills for the learners,

This device versatile device as improve reciting skills,

You can have it completely as taking fluency, vocabulary and pronunciations,

Can be receivable the ayah and surah and can read anywhere we can with the digital Quran pen,

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