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How to Create New Hotmail Email ID

As people of the world still use the different ways of mails anywhere they need and anywhere they want. It is also best as no longer available to create the unique hotmail accounts and ids and also login. So that a Microsoft Outlook accounts to give the same general experience and the email services that actually made the hotmail a specific and better choice.

Open the Microsoft Outlook Website

For this sake as sign up, you need you actually need to open your net browser and search the outlook site into it, will get best is right at here.

Click on Create Account

After opening the site you need to click on the button you will see as create the account and will be able to complete process of sign in.

Create the Email Address

As typing preferred email that is name into the new mail like the texts and in that required field as well. You can select the option as the address you like as per your choice. So as the new mail this is best for searching and nice to exchange with each other.

Entering the Password

Then you need to type password and will need to use into the Create Password and text field that below the new email id.

Uncheck the options as “send me promotional emails from Microsoft”

Entering the main thing as the first and last name and type the first name and text field then types of your last name into the last name text field available there.

Clicking Next

If you want to make the new hotmail id or it is necessary for you to create the account you will click on next and it is blue button available right below.

Select the Country or Region

By clicking on the country or the specific region you just need to drop down box and then click the current location of your area and of your current place.

Enter the Date of Birth

Into the birthdates section you should click the month box and then select your birth month then repeat for the day and other year boxes correctly and completely.

Click next

After completing all the details you need to click the next and will proceed further.

Enter the Verification Code

Entering the code you will complete the action and will also see a complete list of the distorted letters and numbers in a box and also into the middle o the page too. So than you have to type the contents of the box into the enter characters and will see the new text field.

Click next

Clicking next will move you to the best ways as completion process of your new hotmail account. If you want to follow the all steps mentioned there you will definitely get the process and will create your account correctly and nicely. And the one of the best and reliable sources through we can send mails, receive and transfer the data anywhere we need.

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