What Are The Factors Included to Increased Again Alexa Rank Of website

Alexa Rank Importance 

Alexa Rank is a company which tell the story of your website, its ranking is improving or decreasing. f your website alexa rank is decreasing it mean your website is going on right direction and on the otherhand, your website alexa rank increasing, it mean your website has no value because alexa rank start from high to low going.

Factors Which Increased Alexa Rank

There are some factors from which you must avoid because it is the cause of increasing alexa rank.

1 – duplicate article will increased your alexa rank.

2 – Spin article also do the same as above factor does.

3 – Low level of English can create save problem.

4 – Incomplete article may be create same problem.

5 – Non readable article also create bad impact on alexa rank.

6 – When you write article on same topic which already written by other writers.

Tips To Improve Alexa Rank

If you follow our some useful tips, your alexa rank will be improve or decreased soon insha Allah.

1 – Unique article required

2 – Good English Need.

3 – Unique topic but informative topic.

4 – Native Writer is best for your website.

5 – Research on topic first on which you want to write.

6 – Take your website related backlinks with good DA.

7 – Buy do-follow links only.

8 – Daily Update require on your website.

How to Check Alexa Rank

If you do not know how to check alexa rank, you first install SEO Quake on your google chrome or firfix and you will see bar on your browser which will show your website alexa rank when you open your website.

@ Rank 878k  is the alexa rank of website…

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Note – Alexa Rank is the not right way of checking traffic so you can use only samrush which is best traffic checking tool also.

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