How to Check a Keyword Ranking With The Help Of SEO Centro

Basically ranking of phrases and keywords are the positions and statuses at which of any of the websites appear in the Google or in any of the other Search Engine. So as when someone types in the keyword in the search bar we see the results in a complete list below which shows the ranking of your blog, websites or may the keywords you past in the Search Engine’s Search Bar. People who are going to create or make the websites or blogs then keywords and phrases are the main elements for us to set them on a higher rank in the Search engine.

Here the steps which are detailed to give you help for your checking of rank of your blog or website very easily

Check in Example on Above Pic

Opening SEO Centro

Then write in the Keyword box your keyword

Setting the Location

Mention the Domain

Describe the Competitor Domain

Click On the Submit Button

After clicking on the submit button you will get the results of your all input data below and then you can see what is the status and then you will also find out ranking of your keyword in the site and also the ranking of other competitor domain from that output.

It is very helpful for us to show 2 search engines results at the same time so that you can check and compare your ranking as well with the Google Ranking and also with the Yahoo Ranking through the SEO Centro.

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