Bad Effect Of Adding Tags in WordPress Website – Must Folllow Our Points

What are the Tags

When you write article, included some special words in article for searching your website in google, it is called keywords not tags but when you want to upload your article in your WordPress site, you uses some words in tag option which is normally after the categories option called tags.

Disadvantages of Tags

There are lots of bad effect of adding tags in your site when you want to upload article.

1 – Google will considered your article duplicate when you add tags.

2 – It is simply not good for your website because google will not give the ranking to duplicate article.

3 – Tags adding only increase pages in the eyes of people not increase ranking in google.

4 – Do not use more keywords in article and also not use tags in your tags option.

5 – It will not improve your Alexa rank due to lots of tags.

6 – Bing search engine will not index your duplicate article due to add tags.


How to Recognized The Place of Tags

It is very easy for you to see the place of tags in your WordPress so only login your account in your website. read more,

1 – Login your website first.

2 – Keep mouse on your post option, you will see add new post so click on it.(left corner)

2 – You will see the Tags option after the categories option which is on right side.

3 – Tell your website master, do not use this option because it is not good in SEO point of views.

4 – Add Tags has only one advantage, google will show you more page index example is when you add one article and add 12 tags google will show you 13 pages index but your article is one.

Note – Always avoid from this tags option because it is not good for your website ranking.


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