How To Remove Widgets on Android 2018


It is good and essential for all of us to keep our mobile safe and sound in all respects of it. So as for the removal of widgets on android is also important for us. Different widgets are minor home screen apps that are close to the various aid productivity or the similar functions. If you are just got tired of different widgets on your android smart phone cluttering your home screen buttons.

Follow the steps and get your android smart phone, android mobile comfortable for removing widgets from the home screen.

1.Unlocking The Android Mobile

First of all we have to unlock our android mobile

2.Fining the Widget You Wish To Dissolve And Remove

So that since home screen comprises multiple pages and you have to swipe left or right to get the widget

3.Tapping And Holding Offending

Then tap and hold for the sake of offending widget from your android mobile

4.Drag The Widget To The Remove Options

After tapping and holding we will do dragging to the widget to the removing section

5.Remove Finger from Android Mobile

Performing this thing will easily drop the widget into the Remove options and help for the section effectively removing it from the screen.

These are the best and easy five steps for us to get our android smart phone which will help us to make our android very nice for us. The steps are actually very easy and comfortable for us to get follow. Not only ways and steps for removing the widgets on android smart phone but also other main and important tools for us regarding our android smart phone is very helpful also. Removing and disabling the android widgets is very useful also for us to change in our android mobile.

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