How We Can Easily Disable Voicemail on Android

Here we will explain the things how to prevent voicemail from reaching the inbox on an android phone or an android smart phone.

Quick Overview to Get Disable Voicemail on Android

Opening Android Settings

Making sure you are on the correct device tab

Easily scroll down to app and then tap on it

Taping the phone button

Selection of more settings

Then select call forwarding

Select voice call option

Then Disable the Forward When Busy Forward When Unanswered and Forward when not reached option and for the sake of getting ease and comfort we have to follow such instructions carefully.

1.Open Up the Android Mobile Settings

For disabling the voicemail on android the setting app might be in app drawer, it is most of the time available there which is the 2 by 3 or 3 by 3 grids of dots on your home screen of android mobile.

2.Make Sure You Are One the Correct and Original Device Tab

If users are not tap the right tab in the top that got left corner of the screen button.

3.Scrolling Down To Applications and Tap

After making sure scroll down and tap on the application that is searched

4.Tap on Phone Button

Then just tap on the phone button for quick resolving problem

5.Selecting Button More Setting

For disabling data we will get things more closely for the process of voicemail disabling

6.Tap on Call Forwarding

Then tap on Call Forwarding button

7.Select button Voice Call

Selecting the button Voice mail call is the option next

8.Select and tap Forward When Busy

Tap and select on the button forward when busy

9.Tap Turn Off

After selecting then tap on turn off button will help you to disable voicemail on android phone

10.Tap on phone’s Back Button

Through tap on phones back button is source for facing arrow on the bottom of phone

11.Select Button Forward When Unanswered

After tapping on phone then we will be able to select the button forward which is on the time unanswered there.

12.Tap on Turn off

By tapping on turning off we will be able to have options for disabling voicemail on android.

13.Tap on Your Phone’s Back Button

With the tapping on your android button and will come on the button that is as tap on your phones back button.

14.Tap For Forward When Unreached

Forward when unreached button will make you close to the object of disable Voicemails from your android mobile.

15.Tap On the Button Turn Off

Now that button is about all of your call and helpful forwarding option are just got disabled and user should not get voicemails from other people who are calling.

After completing this we can easily have other Voicemail apps to get install on our android mobile will be helpful for us to make our android mobile safe and clean.

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