la ilaha illallah muhammad rasool allah Ki Fazilat

Importance of la ilaha illallah

la ilaha illallah is one of the leading words for intering in islam for any person if any person not says it with hearth, he will not be add in islam. SO read the importance of la ilaha illallah according to the Hadess Pak,

The Meaning of la ilaha illallah

Death Time – The Importance of la ilaha illallah

Wazeefa Of la ilaha illallah

Zikr Allah is the important part of Any muslim because when he does Zikr Allah, he gets lots of rehmat from Allah Pak which will give him benefits in next world (qayamat).

la ilaha illallah ky Fazilat By Youtube Bayan – Adv. Faiz Syed
Note – We have to ready daily base because it will give us lots of benefits and minimum 100 time a read and get 1000 nakies from Allah Pak.
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