How to Use GPS on Android

How to Use GPS on Android


“GPS is stand for Global Positioning System which send information to you from space to earn through satellites called GPS,”

How is the Owner of GPS

GPS is the most popular device which is free for anyone who can received its signal but it owned by the USA government. It is developed in 1960s for the help of navy army.

Tips to Install GPS on Your Android Mobile

1 – Open

2 – Type google play.

3 – Type in google play bar – Maps – Navigation & Transit

Image – googleplay

4 –Clik on your GPS or first app, you will see your desire.

5 – Clik on install button.

Image – gpinstall

6 – If you gmail ID is not open, it will demand for open your gmail id.

7 – You will click on Accept  button – it mean are accepting his all terms and condition.


Install From Direct Link

Install GPS After Watching Video

Tips to Use Google Map

1 – If you have install on your android mobile then open it from android app drawer.

2 – Type the search bar for writing your destination or your country, city or adress etc.

3 – You have to type Direction button which is in blue color near the bottom of the screen.


Download GPS on Your PC

Note – all the information has been taken from one very good website so if you not find our info well please go to google and search how to use gps, you will good and accurate information.

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