How Can Clean Your Computer From Temporary Files

When your computer has good Ram and also Hard but computer is not working in fast mode, it mean your computer has lots of unnecessary temporary files which cause making speed slow so which are then best solution to remove temporary files from computer see below,

1 – Click on Start Button of your computer see in image,

2 – Write in Box “%temp%” and enter.

3 – You will see lots of temporary files which are slowing your PC speed.

4 – Select all files and delete them so some files will be remain undeleted so it is not bad so do not worry.

5 –   Also Removed from Recycle bin and refresh 2 or 3 times.

Increase Your Speed With RAM

If you PC is very slow second option is to increase your RAM in PC because some time low level RAM make speed slow in PC. SO 2MB RAM is good but if you increase at 4MB which will make more good PC speed.

Increase Your Speed With Good Hard Disk Space

If your PC RAM is good and also no temporary files but PC speed is still very slow and also not installing any software in your PC which mean Hard disk is not good enough. Increase your hard disk will also be cause of good speed.

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