Which Income is Most Google Adsense Or Paid Blog Posting

There are lots of people want to earn money online but do not know which is the right path of earn money and waste lots of time and money but not success so today we will give you some information or lecture on which income system is best for your to select.

Google Adsense Introduction

Google adsense is the best and most reliable income system which you can earn from google after posting google adsense code on your site but first google approve your website then give you google adsense. If you still not have google adsense apply from this page.




How Much Income You Can Earn

Google adsense income is very very difficult to earn in my point of view because first your website must be one year old and daily update with new and unique story and also take good do-follow backlinks and also your website must be on top some more then 5 keywords and daily visitors must be minimum 3K or 3000, in this cause only can earn 2$ to 3$ daily from your website which is very low against your hardworking.

Result – Google Adsense income is not enough against your work. (Fail)

2 – Paid Blog Posting Introduction and Income

It is very easy way of earn money so you only have good quality website or websites and search other websites from google and get email ID and send them to your website and let them you want to sale do-follow blog posting service on my site and charge good price but it is depend on your website DA,

1 – If your website DA is more then 45 and alexa rank is less then 1 lack it mean your blog posting price is to charge 50$ minimum for each post.

2 – If DA is more then 55 it mean your blog post price is to charge 60$ minimum.

Result – It is good income source of income which is very fast and reliable (Good)

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