How Website Changes Position in Google

There are some changes in google when your website new and becoming old so each time google will treat your website with different way such as

1 – New Website Position in google

When your website is new, you will post new quality content and it will not be index automatically if your website is totally new so you have to submit your website in google for index your website. It is totally first position in google of your website and your website ranking will not be shown in google.

Result – You will Index but not sudden Index in google

2 – Three Month Old Website Position in Google

When you continue updating content on your website and each page try to index in google, your website will get some good position in google such as

If you submit totally new story on your website and index in google after 3 month, your website new page will be in google 2 page or first page but if your website content is new but in old keyword you want to compete, your website position will be on 3rd page or second page but keyword must not has high level competition.

Result – Your website will be index if you index in google

3 – Six Month Old Website Position in Google

After regular updation of new content and each content is indexed in google, your website position in google will be on second page with good level on competition keywords but if your content is new story, website will be on first page because it is only possible due to high level on website updation.

Result – Your website will be index when you index but always will be on google second page.

4 – One year Website Position With Good Amount of Backlinks

One year website with daily new story updation in google, will get good position in google such as,

1 – Your new content will be index automatically,

2 – Due to amount of visitors on your site and also eyes of google on your site, will get first position of your new page with new story in google.

3 – If someone and you also post new story, your position will be on top due to one year website but other website age must be less then 6 month.

Result – Website will be index automatically

 5 – Three Years Website Position in Google

If your website age is 3 years and daily new story update on it, your website will get lots of benefits from google such as

1 – New Story updation will be on top every time.

2 – Your website will be used as authority link which will increase your back links in free.

3 – You do not need to index any new story in google because google will index your each story.

4 – Google will keep eyes on your site when you changes anything in it.

Result – Website will be index automatically and also used as a authority link.

Note – If you update your website regularly, your website position will be increase each month but not in first month your website position will be strong in google. Always wait and be patience but carry on good work on your website. Lots of people say, slow and study win the race so always follow this rules.

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