Greedy Dog Story

There are lots of stories that we can find and make them important for our lives and also for the students. Main thing is that stories shows main impact of their to our students of little age. Mostly the students which are in lower classes like 6th and 7th standards really likes the stories. Favorite of their stories are like thirsty crow, hast makes waist and money makes the mare go etc.


The story starts from here,

There was big river in a jungle. There lived a dog. One day he was very hungry. He wandered here and there in search of food. He got a juicy bone from a butcher’s shop. He felt very happy. He took the bone and ran away. He reached on a bridge of a river. He saw his own shadow in the water. He thought that there was another dog with bone in his mouth. His mouth watered. He wanted to snatch that bone from him. When he started barking on him and as he opened his mouth, the bone fell down from his mouth in to the river.

Moral of the Story: Greedy is a curse

So this particular story tells us to never be greedy in our lives and we should be modest and thankful to God in every condition. Here we have lots of more stories related to your interest and choice what you like and what you want to get.

We have very easy learning stories for our students and we use very simple words and sentences to get memorize.

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