Top Infographics Sites List 2018

What Is Infographics

Infographics is the full of image about your website story mean what your website is about and what you want to tell your visitors.


“It is the image which tells you the whole story of your website or product called Infographics”. It the best SEO tool which people used to improve their website ranking in google but it is free and paid both are effective for your website.

Advantages of Paid Infographics

There are lots of Infographics benefit but for paid because it helps ranking of your website.

1 – When you create Infographics of your website,you must post on site which on paid mode because paid sites can accept your Infographics easily.

2 – It is the time saving process.

3 – Why free site not add your Infographics because they do not want to take risk.

4 – Google do not like Infographics so you have to search paid site for posting.

Difference Between Infographics and Image

Lots of people think Infographics and image are same but it is wrong because both category are different  so read difference between both of theme.

1 – Image only tell about your little identification but Infographics will let you know the whole story about your or product.

2 – After see Infographics, other person can understand what you want to sell but in case of image, it is very hard to pic.

3 – Image ca create easily but Infographics need some good time and also skill to create it.

4 – Infographics size must be long in both sense height and left to right.

Is Infographics Based on Skill?

Anyone can not create Infographics because its creation depend on skill about Photoshop so you must have good control on Photoshop and also 2 or more years experience. Website Infographics is very interesting because skill level must be high and if you are able to create website’s Infographics, it mean you are very good in Photoshop and can do also freelance project which will be point of earning source.

Top Free And Paid Infographics Sites List 2018

There are lots of sites which can keep your website Infographics on their sites but you must know about these sites so see the list of Infographics websites.

Note – You can use other Infographics sites list also which we choosed from google but our list of Infographics websites is very unique and websites are running not closed.

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