The Farmer and His Lazy Sons Story for 1ST Year

The Farmer and His Lazy Sons

Usually the stories are much interesting, people in all around the world love stories to hear and to watch. Stories have a great collision and impact on our lives. Stories are also helpful for us to get some lessons from them. Students of younger are love to hear the stories and also the new stories. But the old stories are really mesmerizing for us still now.  As now we are detailing a very beautiful story about a farmer and his lazy sons.

Story Starts from here,

Once upon a time there was an old man living in his village. He had five sons .They were all lazy. The farmer wanted to see them as hard working young men. He was worried about their future. One day he fell ill. He was about to die. He called his all sons. He told them that there was a treasure box with gold coins hidden in his fields.

He passed away the same day. The sons went to the fields. They dug up every inch of the fields. They did not find the hidden treasure. After a few days, it rained heavily. Someone advised them to sow seeds in the fields. They did the same. They got a good crop. They became rich. Now they understood the value of hard work. They got the hidden treasure from the fields in the form of good yield.

Moral: Hard work is the key to success.

We have lots of more famous stories for the children and kids. It is really simple and easy to understand with the simple language and easy words used in our stories. Now it is very easy for students to memorize our stories and get good marks in the examinations.

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