Why do people unquestioningly believe in the mysterious power of the "evil eye"?

The concept of the “evil eye” is often rooted in various cultures and belief systems. It is generally associated with the belief that someone’s gaze, often fueled by envy or jealousy, can bring harm or misfortune to the person or their possessions. The belief in the evil eye is found in many cultures around the world, and different traditions offer various methods to protect oneself from its supposed negative effects.

Scientific reasons behind the evil eye.

Even scientific experts now do not deny it, they acknowledge it and also explain its causes. According to experts, invisible waves emanate from every person’s eyes, which are filled with Emotional Energy. This energy, resembling electricity, is quickly absorbed into the body through pores, affecting the body’s structure or metabolism. If the emotional energy waves are positive, they benefit the person, and if they are negative, continuous harm is caused.

Now, the waves emanating from the evil eye are actually negative and contain such power that they disrupt the body’s system. If a person with an evil eye looks at a beautiful face and emits their invisible waves, the other person’s face turns black. The waves of this evil eye increased the melanin in their blood, causing their skin color to darken.

The Mechanisms of Evil Eye’s Impact on Human Energies

  1. The evil eye intentionally cast, meaning the person knows they are casting it and deliberately intends harm upon someone, is not only dangerous but also a curse for society.
  2. The second type is of those people who do not intentionally cast the evil eye, but the impact of their gaze results in the evil eye effect. Whether it’s due to jealousy, arrogance over someone’s blessing, or continuous deprivation leading to envy, their gaze affects others negatively. These individuals typically end up causing harm to their close ones.
  3. Those individuals upon whom the evil eye falls, but they themselves are unaware of it, or if they are aware, they do not harbor jealousy or ill will towards anyone and do not intend to cause harm. Instead, they constantly fear inadvertently causing harm to others.

Here are some common beliefs and practices related to the evil eye and protective measures:

  1. Symptoms of the Evil Eye:
    1. Starting from the eyes and veins, spreading towards the head, and then descending from the shoulders to spread into the edges of the hands and feet.
    2. The emergence of red or blue spots and marks on the body.
    3. Frequent urination.
    4. Excessive sweating, especially on the forehead and lower back.
    5. Irregular heartbeat, feeling of sinking heart.
    6. Yellowish complexion of the face.
    7. Feeling overwhelmed with studies or work, and experiencing distraction.
    8. Continuous flow of saliva resembling drooling or white phlegm.
    9. Seeing eyes while asleep or staring fixedly at someone.
  • Relationship and business issues: It is also believed that the evil eye can harm relationships, career, or business success.
  1. Feeling itching and tingling sensations in the body.
  2. Intense blinking of the eyes.
  1. Warding Off the Evil Eye:
    1. Amulets and Charms: Wearing or carrying amulets or charms believed to have protective qualities is a common practice. These can include items like the Hamsa hand, Nazar (blue eye), or various gemstones.
    2. Herbs and Incense: Burning certain herbs or incense is believed to purify the environment and protect against negative energy.
    3. Spells and Rituals: Some cultures have specific rituals or spells aimed at deflecting the evil eye. These can involve reciting prayers, using specific words, or performing certain actions.
    4. Religious Practices: In some religions, prayers and religious rituals are considered effective protection against the evil eye.
  2. Cultural Beliefs:
    1. Different cultures have their own specific ways of dealing with the evil eye. These may involve rituals performed by elders, spiritual leaders, or individuals with expertise in such matters.
  3. Maintaining Humility:
    1. Some believe that avoiding boasting or flaunting one’s success can help prevent attracting the evil eye. Maintaining humility and gratitude is seen as a protective measure.
  4. Spiritual Cleansing:
    1. Practices such as smudging with sage, using saltwater for cleansing, or taking ritual baths are believed to remove negative energy.


It’s important to note that beliefs in the evil eye and its effects vary widely among individuals and cultures. While some people strongly adhere to these beliefs, others may view them as superstitions without scientific basis.

Ultimately, whether or not one believes in the evil eye, adopting practices that promote positive energy, gratitude, and humility can contribute to a healthier mindset and improved well-being. If you are facing challenges in life, it may be helpful to seek guidance from trusted friends, family, or professionals rather than attributing difficulties solely to the concept of the evil eye.


“The Malevolent Gaze: Exploring the Impact of Evil Eyes on Human Existence”

Envious and malicious individuals shoot arrows of envy and ill-wishing towards the person they harbor resentment against. Sometimes, these arrows hit the target, and at other times, they miss. When these arrows are launched under circumstances where the targeted person has not taken proper religious protection, they can have an impact. However, if the individual has safeguarded themselves through religious measures, then the arrows of ill-wishing cannot affect them. In some instances, these negative intentions might even backfire and cause harm to the envious person.


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