Roof Insurance Claim Supplement: A Complete Guide

“Has a major storm or falling tree branches recently damaged your roof? Roof Insurance claim supplement relieves you of the cost and stress of a damaged roof.”

The primary goal behind buying any insurance is to make you financially balanced even after a loss. So, property insurance protects you against damage or loss of personal property.

As homeowners, it can be bothersome when some parts of your roof have been removed due to a storm or falling branches from a tree. However, this starts the overwhelming process of dealing with your insurance company.

Your insurance company guides you through the process of fixing your roof. However, getting help from an insurance company can be challenging in less obvious situations. This is where an insurance claim supplements comes in. This article will guide you on why you need a roof insurance claim supplement. Keep reading!

What Do I Do When I Have a Roof Damage?

The process to start an insurance claim may seem simple, but this information will give you an overview of everything your insurance company needs to know about your roof damage.

Your first step should be to assess and document your roof’s condition as soon as possible for the safety of your family and property. You may notice issues like missing shingles, leaks, or hail damage to your roof. Also, pay attention to your homeowner’s insurance policy to determine the procedures you must follow and how long you must wait after a natural disaster to have your roof replaced or repaired.

You can start writing your insurance claim if you see obvious damage on your roof. If you do not, maybe you are just assuming you may have damage on your roof. It is wise to call a trusted roofing contractor and ask for an inspection.

To file an insurance claim, call the claims department or your local agent, who can help with the process. You will be asked several questions, such as what type of damage you have. When did it happen? etc. After the due processes, your insurance claim may and may not be approved your claim based on your insurance policy and the type and cause of damage.

What is Roof Insurance Claim Supplement

An insurance claim supplement is the process of resolving through negotiation your insurance company’s initial observation of your roof damage versus your detailed estimate of what is needed to restore your property to its original state.

Consider a scenario where your roof has been damaged, and you have some missing shingles after a storm. You contact your insurance company, and they send an insurance claim adjuster to look at your roof and approve your claim.

Claim adjusters are not roofers. They are representatives of an insurance company that investigates insurance claims to reveal the extent of your roof damage and how much they would pay to fix it.

If your claim is approved, you will get an insurance estimate for the scope of your work. But like all humans, insurance adjusters make mistakes and leave important things off your estimate. This is why you need an insurance claim supplement to balance books.

Why Do I Need Insurance Claim Supplements?

Supplements are necessary to ensure you have 100 percent of the funds needed to restore your roof damage. Since most insurance claim estimates are low or unreasonable, supplements are essential to prevent you as a homeowner from unnecessarily paying to fix your roof damage. If you pay a roofing contractor to restore your roof, you may want to send your insurance claim supplement before the job starts.

Regardless of when the supplements are submitted, your insurance company will include those claims if all the items in the roofer’s scope of work are fair and can be legitimately justified. If your insurance company is resisting payment or not honoring your insurance claim supplement, you may need to get involved and call the claims rep or manager and explain that they need to pay the invoice.


A roof claim may be one of the most expensive claims you’ll file for your home. Indeed, interacting with insurance providers may appear daunting. However, you don’t have to feel helpless as a result.

Supplements are a normal and necessary part of the overall insurance claim process. Several insurance claim supplement agencies are willing to help you out of your situation.

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