Ways to Earn Free Crypto Without Spending a Dime

Trading in cryptocurrencies has become a popular method to make money online. One factor that draws many investors to this million-dollar industry is that there are several techniques to make money from the crypto trade.

The traditional way to invest in the cryptocurrency industry is to buy crypto assets when their market values are low and resell them for a profit when their values are appreciated. However, other more ingenious investment strategies include cryptocurrency mining and crypto staking.

Even more exciting is that you can profit from the lucrative cryptocurrency industry without spending a dime. If that sounds too good to be true, then this article will help to put your doubts to rest.

Here are the eight best ways to earn free crypto without spending anything.

1. Sign Up With an Exchange

The “sign up for a free account and receive a welcome bonus” message is one of the clever marketing tricks deployed by online services to attract more users. Many cryptocurrency exchanges also use the same technique.

What makes signing up with an exchange an attractive way how to earn crypto for free is that you don’t have to commit to using the exchange for the long term.

Register for an account with the platform and earn free bonus points. Next, build your earnings until they hit the minimum cash-out amount. You can withdraw your money and sever links with the exchange platform if it is unsuitable.

2. Take Part in an Airdrop

A cryptocurrency airdrop is a campaign that provides free distribution of new coins or tokens to members of a specific crypto community.

The initiative is usually intended to generate interest in a new cryptocurrency and encourage people to invest in the project.

The benefits of airdrop campaigns are cross-cutting. Cryptocurrency developers succeed in hyping their new coins while investors get access to free crypto assets.

3. Lend Cryptocurrencies

If you have more cryptocurrencies than you can use in a few weeks, why not consider lending some for a handsome interest?

This type of lending is known as decentralized finance (commonly abbreviated as DeFi).

The fact that the cryptocurrency industry isn’t subject to mainstream financial regulations gives lenders the freedom to set their interest rates. Just conduct a thorough background search on a potential borrower to ensure they can repay the loan.

4. Stake Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency staking is a popular investment strategy among seasoned crypto traders. The technique involves locking crypto assets for a fixed period to support a blockchain’s operations.

Blockchains typically use a proof of stake consensus mechanism to determine how many crypto coins in their ecosystem are eligible for staking.

Investors receive cryptocurrency rewards depending on the number of coins staked and the duration of each contract.

5. Use Cryptocurrency Credit Cards

Cryptocurrency credit cards operate more or less like conventional credit cards. The primary difference is that they let you pay for goods and services using crypto coins.

Many prevalent cryptocurrencies now maintain reward programs where users receive bonuses for using their crypto cards. A noteworthy option is Gemini credit cards, which reimburse shoppers with Bitcoin and other altcoins for using their cryptocurrency credit cards.

While the rewards are often modest compared to the amount spent, they can still significantly affect your crypto balance.

6. Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is an age-old technique for making money on the Internet.

Most survey websites are used to reward users with cash or points. However, some companies – such as FreeCash – now provide crypto-based rewards.

One noteworthy benefit of online surveys is that you can earn free crypto assets in minutes. Not only are most survey questionnaires easy to fill out, but there’s almost no creativity required. You don’t need to provide accurate answers, either. Just ensure your response is as honest as possible.


7. Browse the Internet

If taking online surveys sounds like a bit of work, you might consider earning free crypto assets by browsing the Internet.

Brave Browser is a top recommendation if you’re looking for an application that pays you generously just for browsing the web. This web browser offers Brave Rewards, primarily as Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) earned for viewing ads.

Besides its reward system, Brave stands out for its insistence on user privacy. The Browser blocks typical ads, only allowing you to view ads in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

8. Open a Crypto Savings Account

Setting up a cryptocurrency savings account is another ingenious way to earn free crypto coins, especially for long-term investors.

The benefits of opening a crypto savings account are two-fold.

First, you get to earn free coins in the form of interest. Earnings depend primarily on the principal deposit and the contract period.

Secondly, holding your crypto assets in a savings account lets you benefit from their potential rise in value.

However, extensive research is paramount before depositing your cryptocurrencies in a long-term savings account. Track your cryptocurrency’s market stability over the past few months to ensure it presents a bullish outlook. This helps to minimize losses due to value depreciation.


There are multiple ways to earn free crypto coins with ZERO or minimal investment. However, note that the Internet is equally awash with cryptocurrency scams. So, it’s essential to research a crypto reward campaign carefully before committing to it.

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