Fix a Garage Door Opener that Reverses Too Soon or Too Late

A garage door opener is a convenience, but it needs to function safely above all else. One common issue homeowners encounter is when the opener reverses the door at the wrong time – either too soon as it’s closing, or too late when something is in the way. In either case, it’s a safety hazard that requires prompt garage door opener repair in Newport News.

Understand How Safety Sensors Work

Most garage door openers have an infrared safety sensor system that detects objects and triggers the door to stop and reverse direction. There are two sensors – one mounted on each side of the door near the floor. These sensors emit and detect a light beam between them.

If an object breaks the light beam while the door is closing, it should cause an instant reversal. The sensors and logic board that controls the safety features can sometimes become misaligned or faulty. This is usually the cause if the door is reversing too soon without anything obstructing it.

Adjust or Replace Faulty Sensors

If the door is reversing for no reason as it closes, the first step is to check the alignment of the safety sensors. They should be positioned so their beams intersect the floor just inside the door opening. You may need to adjust their brackets slightly.

Test the sensors by blocking their beams – the door should reverse within 2 seconds. If adjustment doesn’t help, the sensors may need replacement. A garage door technician can diagnose whether the issue lies with the sensors or logic board. Replacing worn components is a quick garage door opener repair.

Check for Obstructions in the Door’s Path

On the other hand, if the door is reversing too late after hitting an object below, there may be something obstructing its sensors’ path and preventing the light beam from breaking. Look for any items stored in the area like boxes, tools or ladders.

Also check for dirt or cobwebs that could be interfering. Clean the path and floor around the sensors to rule out obstructions. Adjusting the sensors slightly lower may also help if a shadow is causing a delay.

Tighten or Replace Loose Hardware

Another potential cause of delayed reversing is worn or loose hardware on the physical door. Over time, hinges, rollers, and other moving parts can become misaligned or loose. This puts extra stress on the opener.

Inspect all visible door tracks, rollers, hinges and springs. Tighten any loose fasteners, and lubricate moving components as needed. Replace severely worn parts to rule out physical issues delaying the door’s response. A garage door technician can properly diagnose hardware problems.

Consider Force Adjustment

As a last resort, the force or sensitivity setting of the garage door opener may need adjustment. This controls how much resistance triggers the safety reversal feature. Over time, weather and normal operation can impact this setting.

Most openers have a learn/force button that can be pressed to run the door down slightly and automatically recalibrate this setting. You can also try increasing the force level a notch if the door is reversing too late. Make small adjustments and retest until you achieve consistent, instant reversing.

When In Doubt, Call Professionals

If simple adjustments don’t remedy the problem, or you’re unsure how to properly diagnose the issue, it’s best to contact a garage door company in Newport News for a full system inspection and repair. A technician has the expertise and specialized tools to thoroughly evaluate all components and make any necessary repairs or replacements. They can ensure your opener is reversing safely as designed. Don’t take chances with safety – call the pros for garage door opener repair you can trust.

By understanding how your opener’s safety features work, and addressing any issues promptly, you can avoid potential hazards and keep your garage entrance secure. Regular inspection and maintenance is also important over the long run.

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