DHgate Reviews from Customers are Two Sides of the Coin

Just like the coin has two sides so also dhgate reviews from customers worldwide have a percentage of dissatisfaction while some are pretty fond of transacting on the site. Several people are vociferous about their negative feelings for the online marketplace while others in equal numbers think that they had got the best service by joining the site. It is noteworthy for those who are airing negative opinions about DHgate should understand that it is a common site for buyers and sellers to transact their products and the site only offers a suitable platform. DHgate however doesn’t enter into any kind of transactions or trade products but simply helps in the process. Most sellers are Chinese and therefore sourcing products from China is pretty easy on this site. However, as several reviews point out, there are good and bad vendors and you should be wary of the unscrupulous merchants so that you don’t lose your money. 

Another important factor to watch out for is whether the vendors you contact sell quality products or not. It depends solely on the buyer as there are vast numbers of products sold on the site and the platform offers no guarantee about the same and the buyer has to bear the risks. It is not easy on the part of the online site to scrutinize every product or the authenticity of the vendors. 

DHgate and Legitimacy of the Site

DHgate has been criticized by several customers due to the low service rendered by their customer care. There may be some letdowns in some areas, and this may be because the site, as stated above, has thousands of vendors selling stock items. One thing you need to be careful about here is that although the platform is great for stock items it may not serve you well if you are sourcing a steady supply of items for your business. 

Now, you may ask this question ‘Is dhgate legit or not?’ The answer is that it is a legitimate platform and you often find great bargains and high-quality products. But if you are someone without much idea about the transactions you may get fleeced by Chinese vendors. It is here you should be cautious. Again, dhgate legit attracts cheaper products than anywhere else. This is where you can save tons of money on various purchases. 

Now the next query you may wish to ask ‘is dhgate safe for buyers?’  The answer is that it is as safe as Alipay and EBay. On these sites too you have frauds and scams. As a buyer, you must do careful research before placing your order. 

Specific Services from DHgate

As stated above DHgate doesn’t take any risks as the transaction is between the buyer and the seller.  In such cases you have a right to ask ‘is dhgate real or not?’ The answer would be it is real and fun to carry out transactions.

DHgate as a platform makes judgments regarding returns and refunds of products that do not match with the specification. It gives an extra layer of security to buyers and offers a “Buyer Protection” program. It steps in to solve difficult issues and the sellers don’t get their money unless the buyer gets all the products ordered. It also takes steps with quality issues if fraud has been committed. 

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