Google PDF Editor vs WPS Office: A Comprehensive Comparison


PDFs have become an accepted format to share and archive documents because of their versatility along with security functions. Google has an inbuilt PDF editor that lets users make simple edits to PDFs. For more advanced and complete PDF editing requirements, WPS Office emerges as an excellent choice. In this article, we’ll examine the differences between google pdf editor with WPS Office and highlight the reasons WPS Office is the best alternative for those looking for an effective PDF editing software.

Part 1: Understanding Google PDF Editor

  1. Simple PDF Editing Options: Microsoft office Google PDF Editor provides basic editing capabilities like inserting text or highlighting as well as drawing PDFs. It has simple tools designed for minor editing.
  2. Accessibility: Google PDF Editor is available via Google Drive, which makes it easy for those who regularly utilize Google’s suite of productivity tools.
  3. Collaboration and cloud storage: Google PDF Editor enables simple collaboration, allowing many users to open and edit PDFs at the same time. It also connects to Google Drive for seamless cloud storage.

Part 2: Why Choose WPS Office as the Best Alternative?

  1. Advanced Editing Tool for PDF: WPS Office offers an extensive PDF toolkit, complete with advanced functions such as merging, splitting and converting and password protection. The users can execute a wide range of PDF tasks with ease.
  2. Comprehensive Annotation Options: WPS Office provides a large array of tools for annotation, such as sticky notes, comments drawing with freehand, and text highlighting. This allows the creation of precise and precise marking up of PDFs.
  3. The PDF form-filling feature of WPS Office allows users to fill PDF forms directly in the editor, removing the need to use external form-filling tools.
  4. Smart Optical Character Recognition (OCR ): WPS Office’s OCR feature can accurately detect text from scanned PDFs, which makes them editable and searchable.
  5. PDF Conversion in high-quality: WPS Office ensures the retention of formatting for documents when converting PDF files, delivering top-quality results.

Part 3: What to Begin Using WPS Office PDF Editor


Step 1: Install WPS Office: Visit the official WPS Office website and download the correct version for your device.

Second step: Download and open WPS Office PDF Editor: Follow the installation steps and then launch WPS Office PDF Editor on your mobile or desktop computer.

Step 3 Import a PDF file: Click on “Open” and browse on your computer or device to download the PDF file that you would like to edit.

Step 4: Discover the PDF editing tools: Familiarize yourself with the different tools for editing PDFs included within WPS Office, such as annotations, text editing merging, and many other features.

Step 5 Save and Share the PDF you edited: Once you have completed the editing, you can click “File” > “Save As” to save your edited PDF. Then, you can send it to others if required.


While Google PDF Editor offers basic PDF editing capabilities, and an easy integration into Google Drive, WPS Office is the most effective option for those who want advanced features in PDF editing that are compatible with platforms and offline access. 

What kinds of edits am I able to make using Google PDF Editor? 

With Google PDF Editor, it is possible to add text and drawings to your PDF document, draw highlights on text and then use the eraser tool to erase annotations.

Can I edit the PDF file in its original format directly using Google PDF Editor? 

No, Google PDF Editor is not able to edit the original PDF document directly. Instead, it creates a duplicate of the PDF based on your changes.

Are multiple individuals able to collaborate in a PDF with Google PDF Editor? 

Google PDF Editor allows real-time collaboration, allowing many users to read or edit the exact PDF at the same time.

Does Google PDF Editor available offline? 

Google PDF Editor requires an internet connection for access and use since it is a tool online inside Google Drive.


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