Bring the Right Professional to Your Medical Practice

Looking to recruit a general practitioner, here are some tips on how to find the ideal professional for your practice

Sometimes it is easier to recruit a specialized medical professional than a general practitioner.

There is a shortage of qualified personnel.

A common solution is to spread a wide hiring net, offer substantial pay, and hope for the best.

While you may attract applicants, chances are, none will be the right candidate for your medical practice.

When you are ready to hire a general practitioner, here are some GP recruitment tips to help ensure you attract the right candidates.

 Attract Candidates with the Right Qualifications

Before you start advertising for the open position, think about what you want and need in the ideal applicant.

Consider the qualifications you are looking for, along with opportunities the practice may offer.

Does the open position meet work and life balance requirements? Can the potential GP receive additional training to advance their career?

Don’t forget about your patients. GP recruitment strategies should always consider the patient’s needs.

Maybe your patients enjoy a jovial and energetic GP or perhaps they like someone with a quieter personality.

Personality clashes between patients and staff are a leading reason for general practitioners to move on to other practices.

 Take Advantage of Marketing Strategies

You are probably not the only medical office actively participating in GP recruitment.

It means you are competing with others for the ideal candidate.

Advertising the open position will bring in some resumes, but it doesn’t mean you are attracting the right people.

Defining the position is key in any job advertisement. You also want to ‘sell’ your medical practice.

Highlighting the positives of the position, along with the medical practice’s accomplishments can help attract qualified applicants.

Don’t forget to upload the job opening on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, to name a few.

It can garner more attention than sticking with sites geared toward medical professionals.

 Interviewing Tips

An interview is a two-way process. While you are interviewing the applicant, they are also interviewing you and the practice.

A good first impression is essential for both the interviewer and the candidate.

Organize your notes and questions before the interview. You also want to conduct the interview and potential job negotiations in a clean and uncluttered space.

Instead of sitting behind a desk, try a less formal approach. It can help applicants feel more relaxed and willing to open up.

Give the potential new hire a tour of the practice. Introduce them to your current staff. The goal is for them to feel welcome. It can help undecided applicants decide if your practice is a good fit for their personalities and skills.

 Consider a Buyout

Part of GP recruitment often involves a buyout.

It means you are ‘buying’ their contact from their current employer. It’s an effective way to immediately fill your vacant position and you typically recoup your losses within the first year.

Patients are more likely to return to a practice with a full staff.

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