Why Choose a Leather Holdall for Travel?

Leather has been used for many purposes over the centuries, but it has always been a popular choice for clothing and accessories. People from a century ago used leather bags to carry their essentials like documents to their workplace, and they still do. While all the old uses of leather are in place, new uses are also being created. The new generation likes to use leather bags for travel as well. When it comes to travel, we have a few options for travel bags, including a rucksack, carry-on, backpack, and holdall. All travel bags have different benefits, but nothing can be as beneficial as a leather holdall for travel, and we can prove it.


Choosing the right men’s leather travel bag is an important decision because if you choose the wrong bag, your adventure will be ruined as you will be facing many issues throughout your trip. Your travel bag is like your travel companion, and no one would want to be stuck in a new place with the wrong companion. Hence, choosing the right leather travel bag for your trips is essential. In this blog, we will give you reasons why a leather holdall is the best leather bag for men when it comes to travel.

It can Take You Everywhere.

Your travel bag should be convenient to carry to a place you want to visit. It cannot be said about the other types of travel bags, but a leather holdall can surely assist you everywhere. Whether you are planning to spend your days off in the mountains or you plan to move around from one city to another, leather holdalls are the perfect partner for you. Another benefit of owning a leather holdall is that you don’t have to only use it for travel. If you go to the gym regularly and need a bag to carry your essentials, your leather holdall can help you with that as well. In short, there’s no place where your leather holdall can’t take you, and this makes it the best choice for travel.

It is Stylish

We have all seen and admired our favourite celebrities’ airport looks, haven’t we?

It is not as difficult to achieve that classy yet casual look while you take off for your trip. You can dress however you want; all you need is a leather holdall to make your look complete. Leather holdalls are stylish and effortless; they help you look casual while also killing the fashion game. You can choose to carry it in your hand, or you can also wear it as a cross-body bag with the help of the detachable shoulder strap. Whichever way you choose to carry it, we can assure you it will look more stylish than any other travel bag.

It is Made of Leather

All travel bags are not made of leather, and this is also another reason why a leather holdall is better than others. Leather is a durable material, and there’s no doubt about that. If you purchase real leather bags, they will stay intact for decades, and you can keep using them with a little care. However, if you choose a different travel bag, there’s no surety that it will be made of leather as not all of them are designed for leather. Hence, if you wish to have a long-term solution to this problem, it is better to choose a bag made of leather, i.e., a leather holdall.

It is Lightweight

Leather holdalls are made for casual travel; hence, they are extremely lightweight to make travelling more fun for you. You can easily carry your holdall around if you don’t want to leave it in a hotel room. Many travellers don’t feel the need to carry a backpack when they are travelling with a leather holdall because they can carry everything in it and still roam around freely. It’s a surprise how a bag as spacious as a leather holdall can be lightweight, but it is, and this makes travelling more convenient.

It Requires Less Maintenance

Since holdalls are made of leather which is a natural material, they can breathe on their own. You don’t need to do anything extreme to keep it intact other than cleaning it once in a while. Just wiping the dirt off the bag is enough to keep it as fresh as new. Excessive cleaning is also not right as you might end up damaging the texture of your leather holdall with the chemicals. It just needs to be cleaned from time to time, and you won’t have to purchase another travel bag again.

It is Durable

Choosing a bag made of leather means you won’t have to invest in a bag again. Leather is the most durable and sustainable material that you can pass on to generations if it is taken care of. It provides long-term benefits, which makes leather worth the money. Leather is certainly an expensive material which makes it difficult for people to invest in it. However, its durability makes it cost-effective as it is a one-time purchase. If you purchase a leather holdall, you won’t have to purchase another travel bag for a long time.

It is Practical

Practicality is also important when you are choosing a travel companion. You don’t want to spend your entire trip worrying about a travel bag. Investing in a leather holdall means you can spend your trip exploring new places while the bag takes care of your essentials. It has enough pockets to carry all your essentials, and it also makes travelling easy. You don’t have to carry heavy and huge travel bags anymore; that’s not what your trip is about.


Choosing the right men’s leather travel bag is an important decision, and you shouldn’t be making the wrong choices. If you want to purchase a leather bag for men, visit Obi Pelle. They have a magnificent collection of leather bags and accessories for both men and women. You can also get your leather accessories customised to fit your needs.

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