How Many Vapes Come in a Box? Understanding Packaging Options

Vaping brands must find ways to attract the maximum number of customers to their products. A well-designed vape packaging box is the best possible solution to making customers fall in love with your products at first glance. You may wonder how many vapes come in a box, or how many can you pack in a box that will stand out on the retail shelves. 

The number of vapes in a box can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the brand, product type, and packaging specifications. In this article, we will walk you through the world of custom vape packaging boxes so that you can know what suits your products best. 

How Many Vapes Come in a Box?

Vape packaging serves multiple purposes, including product protection, branding, and information dissemination. Brands must get their packaging designed in a way that promotes their product and protects it simultaneously. 

The packaging design will depend on your product and brand needs. Below, we have discussed two methods for determining how many vapes come in a box or how many vapes you can pack in a box. 

Types of Vape Packaging Boxes 

Typically, vape products are packaged in boxes containing a single device or multiple devices, commonly called multipacks.

  • Single Vape Device Packaging 

It is common to find one device per box for individual vape devices. This type of packaging allows brands to provide their vapes with the utmost protection. In addition to protection, these boxes are premium packaging solutions to showcase your products on display. 

Single vape devices in boxes are convenient for customers who only need one device or want to try out a specific product.

  • Multipacks

Multipacks refer to vape products packaged in boxes that contain multiple devices. Commonly, you can find multipacks with 2 to 5 devices, although some manufacturers offer larger multipacks with even more devices.

Multipacks are popular among vapers for several reasons. 

  • In comparison to buying individual devices, they frequently result in cost savings.  
  • Multipacks also appeal to users who prefer having multiple devices for different flavors.

We hope it is now clear how many vapes come in a box. 

How to Choose the Right Vape Packaging Box 

Here are some of the crucial points that you need to consider before deciding how many vapes you want to pack in a box: 

  • Product type: 

The type of vape product you are selling will affect the type of packaging you need. For example, if you sell vape cartridges, you will need different packaging than selling vape mods.

  • Target audience: 

Consider who your target audience is when choosing your packaging. If you target young adults, choose a more eye-catching and vibrant design. If you target older adults, choose a more subdued and professional design.

  • Brand identity: 

Your vape packaging should reflect your brand identity. Choose a simple and elegant packaging design if you have a minimalist brand. Choose a more colorful and capricious packaging design if you have a more playful brand.

  • Budget: 

The cost of vape packaging can vary depending on the materials used, the box’s size, and the design’s complexity. Set a budget before you start shopping to spend your money wisely.

Wrap Up! 

We hope this guide helped determine how many vapes come in a box. The number of vapes in a box varies depending on the manufacturer’s packaging options. Single vape devices are typically packaged individually, while multipacks can contain 2 to 5 or more devices. Whether to purchase single or multipack packaging depends on your specific vape product needs, preferences, and budget.

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