Best Budget Phones under £200 – Top 5

When searching for a smartphone, we all want a handheld device that is reliable, appealing, robust and full of all-around features. 

However, in the world of exorbitant phones, where iPhone 14 series starts at close to £1000 and Samsung’s S22 Ultra costs you a fortune or around £1200, searching for the best phone under £200 can be risky. Simply saying, you’ll have to compromise on some features like cutting-edge image quality, fast processor speed, and maybe the screen size, etc. 

If you don’t research enough, you may end up with a phone that doesn’t fulfil your requirements or a piece of junk that you don’t like holding in your hand. To help you stay clear of this unwanted situation, we’ve put together a few of the best phones under £200 that will be worth the money spent. 

Top 5 Best phone under £200

Let’s take you through a detailed guide of the best cheap phones to buy in the UK under £200. It will help you choose the right phone without breaking the bank. 

Realme C35

Famous as the best budget camera phone, Realme C35 boasts a magnificent 50-megapixel primary camera. Featuring Sony’s IMX766 sensor, this phone priced at under £200 puts even high-end camera phones to shame. 

It is ideal for taking images and videos in low-light conditions and helps to capture life-like moments full of colour and light. However, it doesn’t come with an ultra-wide camera or multiple modes, but still it is the best phone under £200 if you want to save memorable moments for a lifetime. 

Another notable feature of the Realme C35 is its long battery backup. It lasts for around two full days, even after regular use. It comes with fun angular flat edges, giving it a unique look and a different grip altogether. 

All other functionalities of this smartphone are pretty acceptable, considering how decently it is priced. You may have to compromise on some of its features, like it’s not so bright display or the grip. 

However, considering its primary camera and other functionalities spending £192 isn’t a big deal. And for those criticising it harshly, should never forget that it is a cheap phone and not one of your normal exclusive phones.

Why buy Realme C35?

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Brilliant camera for great photos
  • Weight: 189g
  • Dimensions: 164.4 x 75.6 x 8.1 mm
  • OS: Android 11
  • Screen size: 6.6-inch
  • Resolution: 1080 x 2408
  • CPU: Unisoc Tiger T616
  • RAM: 4GB / 6GB
  • Storage: 64GB / 128GB
  • Battery: 5,00mAh
  • Rear camera: 50MP + 2MP + 0.3MP
  • Front camera: 8MP

Reasons not to buy: 

  • Dim display
  • Angular flat edges 
  • Won’t suit everyone’s grip.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11

Xiaomi lives up to the expectation of catering to the UK’s budget segment with its Redmi Note 11. Although it doesn’t match the class and functionalities of the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC, it still has a lot to offer to be in our list of the best phones under £200. 

This cheap smartphone may not serve you well when it comes to taking great photos. However, look-wise, it is quite sleek. Redmi Note 11 has an impressive design for a budget phone and comes with a massive 6.43-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 and 1000 nits peak brightness. 

You can stream movies and do multi-tasking easily with its 90Hz refresh rate. The performance of its Snapdragon 680 processor may feel sluggish for those who’re downgrading from expensive phones. Available in two RAM options of 4GB and 6GB, you are on the right track to get things done nicely and efficiently. 

The only serious issue, we feel, with this handset is the missing 5G functionality. As the country is taking leaps towards faster internet coverage, buyers might see 4G as a shortcoming. A strong 5000mAh battery capacity means you can easily spend a day without plugging it every few hours. 

Why buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 11?

  • Great AMOLED display
  • Long-standing battery
  • Weight: 209g
  • Dimensions: 165.8 x 76.7 x 8.8mm
  • OS: Android 10
  • Screen size: 6.67-inch
  • Resolution: 1080 x 2400
  • CPU: Snapdragon 720G
  • RAM: 4GB / 6GB
  • Storage: 64GB / 128GB
  • Battery: 5,020mAh
  • Rear camera: 48MP (wide) + 8MP (ultrawide, 119-degree) + 5MP (macro) + 2MP (depth)
  • Front camera: 16MP

Reasons not to buy.

  • Processor speed
  • No 5G connectivity

Motorola Moto G22

When it comes to reliable and robust smartphones, you can never forget Motorola. And Motorola Moto G22 is another dependable phone from the tech giant that comes with great build quality at the most affordable rates. 

Motorola Moto G22 phone is a match made in heaven for those who want the best phone under £200, with a long-standing battery, and does all the essential tasks. Fully charge it once and you won’t have to worry about it for a couple of days. 

The battery feature goes along nicely with a sleek and good-looking design. Although it is pretty chunky, but its curves make up for it and you get a good handset for only £109.99. Moreover, as the price is relatively low, you’ll have to live with a fairly low resolution of a 720p 6.5-inch IPS panel. 

In short, you get a decent camera and fair image quality but only in good light conditions. It might not be great in low light, doesn’t have a good night mode, and may lack when you zoom. Afterall, the purpose of this budget phone is to get the job done at an attractive price. 

Why buy Motorola Moto G22?

  • Robust built quality
  • Lasting battery life
  • Weight: 185g
  • Dimensions: 164 x 75 x 8.5 mm
  • OS: Android 12
  • Screen size: 6.5-inch
  • Resolution: 720 x 1600
  • CPU: Mediatek MT6765V/CB Helio G37
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64/128GB
  • Battery: 5,000mAh
  • Rear camera: 50MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP
  • Front camera: 16MP

Reasons not to buy

  • Low resolution screen
  • Camera
  • Image quality

Oppo A5 2020

Oppo may not be a huge smartphone manufacturing name in the UK and Europe as yet, however, based on its quality handsets, it is flourishing quite nicely. Thanks to its budget smartphones like A5 2020, Oppo is building brand recognition, and the market is paying attention. 

A5 2020 is the best budget phone under £200, but it still packs a punch. It comes with a sizeable 6.5-inch bright, spacious, and exciting screen with 720×1600 resolution. This screen size is complimented quite well with a 5000mAH battery which lasts around 1.5 days. 

Regarding its camera and overall look, Oppo A5 2020 will leave you awe-inspired with its quad-lens camera and an expensive-looking design. Although the camera and Snapdragon 665 chipset performance aren’t as great, for the price tag of only £119, you cannot resist but noticing this cheap smartphone. 

 Why buy Oppo A5 2020?

  • Good screen size
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Weight: 195g
  • Dimensions: 163.6 x 75.4 x 9.1mm
  • OS: Android 9
  • Screen size: 6.5 inches
  • Resolution: 720 x 1600
  • CPU: Snapdragon 665
  • RAM: 3/4GB
  • Storage: 64/128GB
  • Battery: 5,000mAh
  • Rear camera: 12MP (wide) + 8MP (ultrawide, 119-degree) + 2MP (depth) + 2MP (depth)
  • Front camera: 8MP

Reasons not to buy

  • Performance
  • Camera result

Are phones under £200 worth it?

Finding the right smartphone within your budget can be a challenge, especially if you consider the mind-boggling features and specs coming in the high-end flagship models. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be compromising on everything and every feature. 

We’ve explained some of the best low-priced phones to make it easy for you to choose the best budget phone under £200. Some are good in performance, some let you take amazing pictures, and some allow you to stream videos with no issues and forget about their battery running out fast. These smartphones get the job done, which is the main thing. 

So, select the right one for you, and do let us know which one you’ve chosen and whether we’ve missed a model or two. 


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