5 Must-Have Cotton Kurtas for Summer Wardrobe

5 Must-Have Cotton Kurtas for Summer Wardrobe

It’s April and summertime. Even though mangoes are in season, it is also important to change your garments to the most comfortable and skin-friendly material. This is because the sun’s rays are quite too heavy, and can lead to many skin care concerns. No matter what, cotton is one of the best and most comfortable materials anyone can get irrespective of gender. If you are someone who steps out of the home, then instead of woollen or other material, go with cotton, perfect summer wear.

Here is the top 5 must-have women’s cotton kurta for summer:

  • Chikankari Cotton Kurtis:

Chikankari is one of the trending and in-style materials which you must never miss wearing. Since they are so intricately designed, pairing them with the right kind of accessories might be the perfect choice to go with. They are handmade and designed by artisans which makes them so unique today. The cotton chikankari will keep you comfortable at the same time stylish too, because of the beautiful designs embedded in them. Can be worn for daily wear, and at the same time for office wear and simple party occasions too!

  • Plain Cotton Kurtis:

A plain cotton kurti is never out of style. Initially, a simple neck design whether long kurti or a short kurti makes comfy wear for this summer. Perfect wear for your Sunday, to be most comfortable and more skin-friendly too. The plain cotton kurtis can be perfect office wear too when they are matched with the right kind of accessories.

  • Pochampally Ikat Kurtis:

Ikat is also so trendy, because of the lovely colour patterns and shades available in them. The kurtis might be a perfect addition to the wardrobe considering its beauty and the elegant kind of look it gives out. Going with cotton ikat kurtis might be a perfect choice for someone who steps out frequently during the summer.

  • Sanganeri Print Kurti:

One of them must-have collection considering the vibrant designs and colours in the list of availability. Going especially with cotton is better since can be easily maintained and can be paired with any occasion based on the way we style them! You can explore the deity prints, fruits and flowers being used in the sanganeri-printed kurti collections.

  • Tye Dye Kurti:

If you are someone who loves colours, and would like to experiment with them, then dye kurtis are the perfect choice to go with. Can be easily mismatched and create a new look with a combination of kurti collections available. Dyeing makes the material / the fabric quite more beautiful than the normal colours which are embedded in the materials.

The above 5 models can make your wardrobe more than just awesome. There are a lot of benefits in choosing cotton kurti like comfortable, sweaty, easily maintained, skin-friendly, being  environmentally friendly, and the list goes on and on. If you are looking for the best fabrics online, going with cotton and its relatable materials would be the best choice to go with!

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