How to Apply Kajal for Big Eyes

How to Apply Kajal for Big Eyes

The eyes are one of the most beautiful areas which can help in enhancing the look even better. Shining eyes can make you look fresh and glowing. Make sure to take care of your eye area, since the skin there is so soft and sensitive. Some of the ways to take care of your eyes are:

  1. Use a good eye cream for sealing the hydration.
  2. Layer a pump of eye cream or moisturiser under your eyes and give a good circular and anti-circular direction massage. Then, layer with Vaseline if you have an extremely dry under the eye area.
  3. Wash your eyes well in cold water once after you get up, while filling your mouth with water.
  4. Do eye exercises like rotation, shrinking, focusing on something, etc regularly. 
  5. IF you feel your eyes are too strained, place cucumber or green tea bags for an instant chilled effect.

The above ways can help in protecting and keeping your eye area young and glowing throughout your lifetime. This will give you a fresh and beautiful look in general with or without any sort of makeup. There are different types of eyes, and we can enhance or elevate them to make them look better. Even though there is a wide range of eye makeup products, two common things most of us prefer is the kajal and mascara. This will even help in creating a no-makeup kind of makeup look.

If you are someone who is having small eyes, then instead of worrying try some of the best makeup hacks, to make your eyes look bigger. Yes, this is possible. Makeup is something that can help in solving your insecurities, but make sure that you love yourself and everything you have. Here are the simple ways to achieve a big eye with the help of makeup:

  1. Make sure you have done your face makeup with the products like moisturiser, concealer, and compact.
  2. Once after this, take a good quality Kajal. Revlon kajal is pigmented and gives you a good creamy kind of finish for 24 hrs. Here is the important step which is to be noted:
    • Apply the kajal in your lower and at the same time upper waterline too.
    • Make sure to use thin lines rather than thick lines; This is because thick lines on a waterline might give your eyes a closed and small kind of outlook.
    •  Then, apply the kajal as your eyeliner too. Once after applying use a small bristle brush and gently smudge them around your eyes. Then you can do the same on the lower part of your eyes too.
    • Now, you will be able to get quite bigger eyes than usual. 
  3. Then give a touch-up, and never miss your lip liner before using lipsticks.


The above process of making your eyes big is completely possible, but only minute and slight changes can be seen and felt. Try the above method once, and keep trying, your bold eyes are on the way!

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