A Simply Beautiful Guide For Your Next Home Decor Drill

Decorating a home = is a divine task!

The place where you live and spend time with your family should look beautiful. And with the home decor guide that we bring for you, it is not going to be heavy on your pockets. 

Let’s Start With the Entrance

A beautiful entrance with all positive vibes makes the mood happy and leads you to a happy life in your abode. 

  • Keep the entrance area well-cleaned and well-painted.
  • A nameplate and house number plate are a must. Go creative, or keep it simple.
  • Get a quality and beautiful doormat. Keep it clean.
  • The entrance door should be in good condition. Go for the repairs if needed.
  • Keeping a plant makes your home entrance lively. Save time, and get a green via online plant delivery

Where The Delicious Magic Happens

Paying the least attention to kitchen decor is what most people do, but we think it should be taken care of as a priority.

  • Keep the refrigerator clean. Don’t use the refrigerator top as a shelf.
  • Apply silver, easily wipeable foil on the areas around the gas stove. 
  • Add two to three wall frames with quotes and graphics related to the food.
  • If your budget allows, you can paint your kitchen with a totally different colour scheme than the rest of your home.
  • Rearranging helps a lot in decorating your kitchen. From kitchen equipment to utensils, rearrange for a neat and spacious kitchen.

Level Up The Common Sitting Area

Where all family members sit together and enjoy some lovely family time, your main hall should look as beautiful as your family.

  • We do not suggest you change your sofa sets, but you can amplify the look by bringing in the new sofa cushion.
  • If there is any empty corner in the main hall, you can make it useful with a bean bag.
  • Clean off all the unnecessary furniture items so that no one can stuff them with things like caps, phones, or chargers. 
  • You can add an aroma diffuser set, either an electric or the manual one, as it makes the environment fragrant and also looks good.
  • Try to get rid of the wires around the television set. Try to hide wires behind the tv or get them organised. 

Time To Revamp Your Bedroom

The palace where you put your body to rest and ease to get recharged for the day ahead needs most of your attention to make it beautiful and soothing.

  • The bedroom walls should be painted in light colours and not extremely vibrant and dark ones.
  • Do not overstuff the decor items in your bedroom because less is more.
  • The bedsheet, cushions, and curtains should match or contract but not be extremely different in colour and design.
  • Keep a gadget organiser box in every bedroom so that cables, chargers, earphones, and mobile phones won’t make bedrooms look messy.
  • Either the corners of the room or the bedside tables, make sure to have indoor plants that can survive well in room conditions. 

Sparkle Your Bathing Space

It is quite necessary to have a clean bathroom, but it should also look a little beautiful so that you can enjoy your time there.

  • Get a mirror installed, as it looks really amazing and is very useful.
  • It’s time to change soap holders and brush boxes. Also, bring in a beautiful hand wash dispenser.
  • If you haven’t, get the wall corners installed in your bathroom so that you can keep items organised.
  • A slip-free, high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing bathroom mat is a must-have.
  • Give your bathroom a week of deep cleaning. You can also hire cleaning experts.

Golden Words

The bedsheet, cushions, curtains and bamboo mattress protector should match or contract but not significantly differ in color and design.

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