The season of virtual football is open: FIFA 23 has been released


There is nothing revolutionary in FIFA 23, the authors have pointwise improved the mechanics of the most popular sports simulator. And there’s nothing to worry about: the 30th anniversary FIFA still gives new impressions. There are enough important changes in both in-game modes and in the gameplay itself. We tell you about everything in detail.


The in-game currency is still coins. They are quite difficult to get, so many players turn to special game-boosting services, for example, this It is much easier to buy coins there and it will become easier to play.

The simulator has become even more realistic

HyperMotion technology is responsible for the realistic animation of players. It was introduced back in FIFA 22, but then it was only available on consoles — PS5 and Xbox Series. In FIFA 23, the technology was upgraded, and its updated version, HyperMotion 2, was added to the PC. The computer version of FIFA 23 is completely identical to the version for nextgen consoles and runs on the same engine.


HyperMotion 2 in FIFA 23 performs two main functions: it improves player animations and changes the gameplay. In terms of animations, the collisions of football players and the behavior of goalkeepers have noticeably changed. For example, after tackles, players effectively land on the lawn. The animation when falling has become much smoother.


By the way, tackles now leave serious clearings on the lawn — they remain throughout the match. Because of the innovations, the fight on the field looks more lively and spectacular than before.


The goalkeepers’ jumps behind the riding balls look even more natural: the athletes stretch to the string. The situations when the goalkeeper falls under the feet of the opponent to snatch the ball from him also look more realistic.

You need to get used to the updated gameplay

In FIFA 23, the pace of matches has been reduced — players are now more inert and heavy. Even such dexterous footballers as Ousmane Dembele or Kingsley Coman are slower to gain starting speed and do not turn around so sharply. Because of this, one-to-one strokes are less effective than in previous parts.


Controlling the player with the ball has become more difficult — and that’s good. In FIFA 22, attacking players had an advantage over defenders: it was not difficult to get away from guardianship, especially one-on-one. And in FIFA 23, the balance of power has been updated. Defensive players are not as helpless as before: they have more chances to catch up with a fleeing opponent and take the ball away.

Artificial intelligence has been improved in FIFA 23

In particular, football players make better use of free zones. Because of this, it is more convenient to play with one touch: the athlete who gave the transfer opens without unnecessary delays for a reverse pass, and the “walls” and running have become more effective.

 And in FIFA 23, players are better at opening up to shots from the flanks. A typical situation from FIFA 22: you make a shot into the penalty area, but the players do not respond to it but freeze behind the defenders. In the new part, this also happens, but much less often. Usually, the player still tries to open up under lumbago and close it.


There are problems with the updated AI

The long-standing problems of the series have migrated to FIFA 23. The most annoying moments are when, after a blocked shot, the ball rolls past the goalkeeper for a corner, but the footballer does not react to it at all and allows the ball to go over the line. In some aspects, the new part remained true to the traditions.

Cannon strikes appeared

In FIFA 23, a new type of strike has appeared — the “cannon”. During it, the camera zooms in slightly and the player hits the ball with all his might. If everything is done correctly, it will be more difficult for the goalkeeper to cope with such a powerful attack.


But constantly using cannon blows will not work. When performing a reception, your player swings noticeably longer than usual, so it’s easier to take the ball away from the footballer. Under a cannon blow, you need to choose the perfect moment: an athlete should have a lot of free space and a minimum of guardianship. And this happens infrequently.

Developers have reworked the standard provisions: penalties, and corners

They have become clearer. During penalties and corners, the ball indicator appears: you can use it to select the degree of twist. There is also a line with a choice of direction of impact.

With a penalty, everything is easier: the main thing is to get into the timing. When performing an 11-meter under the ball, a multi-colored pulse appears. Ideally, you need to strike at the moment when the green light turns on.

Women’s club teams have appeared in FIFA 23

Women’s football in the FIFA series is not new, but before this part, there were only women’s national teams in the games. FIFA 23 also has women’s club football. However, only two leagues are represented in it: the English Women’s Super League and the French Division 1 Féminine. Surely EA Sports is probing the ground. If women’s clubs in FIFA 23 find their audience, then in the next parts the developers will probably add a few more leagues.

The Richmond club from the TV series Ted Lasso was added to the game

In FIFA 23, you can play for FC Richmond and even go through a career for it. The team includes the heroes of the series, for example, Sam Obisanya. There is also Ted Lasso himself. He can be appointed coach of any club in Career and FUT mode.

In conclusion

This is the last part of a series called FIFA from the publisher Electronic Arts. The next games will be released under the EA Sports FC brand. The developers have already added a lot of interesting and useful innovations, so we will be happy to follow the further development of this popular game.

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