Popular Types of Wholesale Roses


If you ask any person which of the flowers can be called “royal,” almost everyone will immediately point to this flower. Therefore, wanting to express their feelings and gratitude, people most often chose roses. A chic bouquet of elegant roses of any shade will delight anyone. And decorating the halls with roses during festive ceremonies will cheer up all guests and immediately create a special festive atmosphere. By buying bulk roses, you can get richer bouquets and compositions for lower costs and the sincere delight of others.

Great Variety of Bulk Roses on FiftyFlowers

When selecting roses, you should remember that they differ not only in appearance but also in endurance and care after cutting. Therefore, before making bulk purchases of roses for your celebration, it is better to consult with specialists. The FiftyFlowers online store offers to start your acquaintance with the luxurious world of roses with consultations with a professional. To date, there are more than 400 types of roses in the world, which are further subdivided into separate varieties. Therefore, you have to pick from tens of thousands of varieties! FiftyFlowers provides its consumers with both the most popular and exotic varieties that can surprise even connoisseurs. To make it easier to find your unique flower, roses are grouped into several subspecies.

Most Popular Types of Wholesale Roses

Roses vary in many ways, including

  • The number of buds per stem;
  • Flower shape;
  • Aroma saturation;
  • Available shades;
  • The number of petals in a bud;
  • The sharpness of the needles.

All of them are beautiful, but for different purposes, it is better to choose certain varieties. The same person will prefer thorny varieties of roses as a hedge and delicate species with soft thorns as a gift for a beloved girl, for example. Check out the most popular types of roses that have won the hearts of buyers around the world.

Garden Roses

A rose is a flower that will decorate and ennoble any garden and add charm to the room. The bushes of this luxurious flower can be from 1 to 10 meters in height, and the buds are from 0.6 to 7 inches. The pomp of the bud itself also varies from 5 to 200 petals. The leaves of garden roses are shiny and no less beautiful in shape than the flower itself. Garden roses have a rich sweet aroma and retain freshness for a long time.

Spray Roses

The popularity of this type of rose has grown especially in recent years due to the dynamic development of the art of flower arrangements. Compared to classic roses, they seem like miniature copies of them but are just as graceful and charming. They bloom in clusters of 3-5 buds per stem. The number of petals on one bud can reach 45. You can create original charming bouquets from spray roses or add them as a filler to other flowers.

Peony Roses

This variety of roses is distinguished by the original shape of the bud, filled with a large number of petals, and an exquisite aroma that is not inferior to the best perfumes. In addition, these roses are very persistent and hardy, so with their help, you can safely decorate a room without fear that they will wither during the celebration.

Standard Roses

If you prefer a classic elegant rosebud that resembles an exquisite wineglass, you need to buy standard roses. They have a long straight stem and delight with their perfection, wonderful smell, and long-lasting freshness.

Preserved Roses

This is one of the popular novelties in the market of the flower industry, given the fact that the technology of stabilizing roses is just over 40 years old, and roses have been known to humanity for more than 5 thousand years. Their peculiarity is that preserved roses retain their excellent appearance for up to 3 years. Therefore, by buying such roses in bulk at FiftyFlowers, you can decorate any room for an arbitrarily long time without worrying about replacing flower arrangements.

How to Make Roses Bulk Order on FiftyFlowers

  • To select the perfect roses from a palette of 37 shades, visit the “Roses” section of the FiftyFlowers website.
  • Use additional filters to select suitable options from the company’s wide offer.
  • If you need advice, you can order a telephone conversation with a company specialist at a time convenient for you.
  • After placing an order, roses are delivered within 4 days. During this time, they will travel from the best flower farms of the company in Ecuador to any locality in the United States of America.
  • If you do not have time to wait and need flowers earlier, they will be delivered to you the very next day from the company’s internal offices in the USA.

All the best varieties of roses in amazing shades and forms are grown on our farms in Ecuador. We closely follow the successes and new developments of breeders and add original novelties to our proposals. You will always find something to amaze and please others, create a festive atmosphere and win the hearts of your loved ones.

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