How to make a logo online

How to make a logo online

In today’s competitive market realities, one of the leading roles in promoting an organization is marketing. It includes a set of activities aimed at the development of sustainability in the market through the psychological impact on potential consumers through the advertising brand of the firm. The corporate brand includes the name of the organization and the logo design. A common problem in the early stages of advertising is the creation of a logo that is inorganic to the specifics of the organization and the atmosphere prevailing in it. In connection with this – the streets of cities are crowded with the same, motley advertising and unforgettable logos of many firms.

Logo selection is to find the “golden mean” between many variants of associative influence on the customer through color and font. You can create the most optimal logo on the Turbologo platform through an online constructor, whose settings are fully adapted to the specifics of your organization.

What is a logo?

A logo is a brand symbol that helps build customer trust and market position among similar companies. A logo is a graphic representation of the “core” of a brand, focusing on the emotions and associations consumers evoke. The basic elements of the logo are a symbolic image and a brand name that fits the style. This marketing element is shown on business cards, products, ads and websites to indicate the specifics of the product and sending a certain sense of meaning to potential buyers, instilling in them the quality and stability in the use of products.

How to make a logo online?

The self-selection of the optimal logo, involves taking into account many factors and making comparative evaluations to achieve all the objectives. The logo should evoke positive associations with customers and a desire to use the product again. For each area of the organization is characterized by a different style of logo.

An important role is played by the readability of the text, font size, used colors and images. The complexity of the font should be in harmony with the sphere of activity and the atmosphere of the organization. Font size should be rational: it should occupy from 20 to 40% of the logo area. Colors should be chosen depending on the associations that need to be evoked in customers. For example, for a children’s goods store, bright, saturated colors that evoke joy are optimal. The image should be moderately detailed. Don’t overload the logo with a large number of small elements which make it difficult to remember the brand. All elements should be composed in proportions pleasing to the visual perception.

Combining all of the above factors in optimal proportions is a long and laborious process. Therefore, we recommend using “Turbologo”, which will facilitate the selection of an important marketing element. In this online designer, you can design a suitable logo in a few minutes, based on the parameters you set.


A carefully chosen logo stimulates the appearance of the necessary perception of the firm by potential consumers. The logo characterizes the company by creating an image and a sustainable reputation in a competitive market. The selection of colors, fonts and the symbolic drawing form customers’ perception of the company and the quality of its products and specialization. Logo gives all kinds of goods and products of the company – a unified style and image, inspiring consumer confidence.


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