The Benefits of Using web3 for Your Job Search


Jobs and services are offered on demand through Web3. The Web3 workforce’s greatest opportunity, though, is business ownership. The concept of work has evolved, to start with. Nowadays, it’s all about having a more varied day and running your own business. Additionally, you have schedule flexibility.

The work-life balance you want is more easily achieved with Web3. You can set your own hours and work just when necessary. In actuality, there are many different jobs that offer this. These in-demand positions are well-liked and provide lots of freedom. But today’s on-demand companies offer so much more; retail giants like ULTA Beauty are engaging thousands of neighborhood “beauty queens” to work as independent contractors for their brand.

Today’s Web3 workers choose to explore a range of side businesses instead of working a traditional 9 to 5 job to pursue their passions while making a living. No longer do people want to work in traditional offices. They seek greater autonomy, adaptability, and freedom. Splitting their time between a “regular” career and an entrepreneurial or freelance opportunity is one of the most common ways they can obtain this. The necessary infrastructure is provided by Web3 for it.

What is Web 3.0?

The most recent version of the internet is known as Web3. It heavily depends on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology (AI). By employing open, connected, and intelligent websites and online apps, it seeks to build a decentralized internet.

The phrase “Web3” was first used in 2014 by Gavin Wood, co-founder of Polkadot and co-creator of Ethereum. He defines “Web3” as a “decentralized online environment based on blockchain.”

Web3 will provide users more autonomy over their online data, in contrast to Web 2.0, which is focused on interactive websites and user-generated content hosted on centralized domains.

Why Does Web3 Matters?

A new method of building infrastructure and services with no central point of control or failure is Web3, a decentralized internet. The independent contractors’ powerhouse. When combined with the blockchains we already have, it might bring about a time where everyone has access to trustworthy financial services, can protect their identities and personal information, can travel at rapid speeds, and is in charge of their own digital finances.

With Web3, independent contractors can take part in the biggest technological transformation yet. Web3 gives freelancers the unique opportunity to strategically invest in the most revolutionary technology of our day. In a synergistic fashion, Web3 integrates hardware and software to give its users the physical capacity to support emerging decentralized applications (Dapps). In contrast to traditional exchanges, which require several days to receive the cash, using a cryptocurrency allows for almost instantaneous crediting of the account.

How to use web3 to improve your job search

The web3 platform has revolutionized the job search process by allowing users to connect with employers and customers on a global scale. Job seekers can use web3 to find opportunities in a variety of industries, while businesses can use web3 to find qualified employees and customers. For government organizations looking to acquire personnel with knowledge in blockchain technology and Web3 remote jobs, can be a useful resource.

The web3 platform has several features that make it an advantageous tool for job seekers. First, web3 provides a platform for businesses to advertise their openings to a global audience. This allows job seekers from all over the world to view and apply for jobs in their field of interest.

Second, web3 allows users to connect with potential employers and customers through its decentralized network. This provides job seekers with more opportunities to find employment or conduct business transactions. Additionally, web3’s encryption features ensure that user data is safe and secure.

Overall, the web3 platform is an excellent tool for job seekers who are looking for employment opportunities in a variety of industries. It allows users to connect with employers and customers on a global scale, and its encryption features ensure that user data is safe and secure.

The benefits of Web 3.0

These are a few advantages of Web 3.0:

Ownership of Data

In Web 2.0, tech giants have control over and profit from user-generated data. Blockchain-powered Web3 will give users total control over their data. You can choose whatever information you wish to make money off of by selling it to companies and advertising agencies.

Furthermore, there won’t be a single organization in charge of Web3. Because of this, access to decentralized apps (dApps) won’t be restricted or censored.

Fewer Intermediaries

A blockchain-based platform called Web3 will connect companies and customers directly. The gains from electronic transactions will only, if at all, be shared by a small number of central authorities. As trustless and decentralized networks replace centralized institutions, there will still be a need for sufficient laws and regulations to ensure justice.


The decentralized web will allow users to track their data and view the platform’s source code. All parties will be aware of the value and business they are engaged in at all times. You can obtain this information directly without a middleman.

Continuity of services

On Web3, data will be stored on distributed nodes. Users won’t have to be concerned about their accounts being suspended or about service interruptions due to problems with the crypto technology or other reasons.

Improved Marketing

Using Web3 powered by AI, sellers would be better able to understand the desires of purchasers. Buyers who are interested in those products and services will be shown by them. The advertisements that consumers see will be more pertinent and beneficial.

What employment options are there in Web3?

The new location brought new employment prospects as well. Software engineer and software developer positions are the most popular (and in-demand) ones in Web3. You’ll be expected to code in these positions and produce blockchain-based applications (and not a single cloud). This work resembles the majority of cryptocurrency programming. You can work in the bitcoin industry from anywhere in the globe if you apply for Web3 jobs with Web3 businesses.

There are also non tech jobs or jobs that don’t need programming:

  • Enterprise analyst. You will assist with mapping processes and workflows in this position. You must possess organization skills and the capacity to handle a lot of data. This position also calls for a bachelor’s degree at the very least.
  • A marketer at a web3 company advertises the product created by the specific company and expands its market.
  • Business development. You will be responsible for driving change and deciding where the firm should go.
  • Web3 Consultancy. You would be counseling businesses looking to move to blockchain-based frameworks.

How to find a job in Web3?

Whether you’re looking for a developer or analyst position, there are various ways to go about it in traditional hiring:

  • You might work as an intern. Despite the fact that Web3 is a young industry with many exciting potentials, some employment practices have not changed. This means that if you’re new to Web3, getting an internship is the simplest way to get started. From there, you can work your way up.
  • You have the ability to do this. In other words, you can utilize this new product before everyone else does by becoming a “lighthouse customer.”
  • You can contribute to the DAO (Decentralized Anonymous Organization). Making useful contacts is always possible in this digital decentralized future organization.
  • You can learn how to network effects. Build your real-world network consciously, and don’t be afraid to approach those who already work for the businesses you’re considering.
  • On social media, you can build a following. Utilize social networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn frequently and sensibly. You can advertise your brand and upload your work here. In other words, take advantage of the best chance to stand out from the throng by using online venues.

What skill sets are required for a career in Web3?

As a Web3 blockchain developer, you must first and foremost have a solid command of several coding languages. Python, C++, C#, and other languages are all welcome, while Java is a need.

When it comes to your actual job duties, you should feel comfortable handling the most typical Web3 development job tasks, such as:

  • Development of crypto
  • Development of DApps
  • Producing NFTs
  • Design principles

Soft skills, however, shouldn’t be disregarded because you still need them as a developer. The following are some of the most crucial soft skills to have if you want to work in Web3:

  • Being able to show your zeal and love for the field
  • Incentive to continue learning and refining your cryptographic skills
  • Client abilities
  • A project-leading capacity
  • Ability to adhere to deadlines

Finally, a certain number of years of experience are typically necessary in addition to a bachelor’s degree if you’re looking for a less technical career in Web3, such as marketing or business. You should also be able to exhibit interest in cryptography and a working familiarity of Web 3.

Advantages of choosing over other job search engines

Comparing to other job search engines has several advantages. Our primary area of expertise is employment in the bitcoin sector. As a result, we are able to offer a customized job search experience that aids in helping you locate the ideal work for you because we have a thorough awareness of the special requirements of this business.

We also list a wide variety of opportunities on our website, from entry-level occupations to senior management positions. We also provide a variety of services and tools to help you connect with other professionals in the crypto community because we recognize the value of networking in this business.

Last but not least, we constantly update our platform to keep it current with the newest advancements in the bitcoin market. As a result, you can be confident that you are constantly receiving the most precise and recent information regarding open positions.

Where to look for tech jobs in Web3?

The quickest path into newly emerging employment fields is frequently through your current network. Because there won’t be a formal online application procedure and many of the open positions aren’t formally published, this is true. Additionally, the hiring procedure can vary from business to business. Brain trust runs a decentralized governance process, doesn’t charge top talent anything, and charges clients a set 10% fee to cover operational costs. Each network user earns tokens for putting in work — like referring talent and clients to Brain trust — to grow the network.

However, there are some fundamental guidelines you may adhere to, and doing so can help you find employment with Web3:

  • Start by looking into your network, contacting those who are already employed in the crypto industry, or posting on LinkedIn that you are seeking for a position in Web 3.
  • Try Twitter next. There are many who obtained their Web3 positions simply as a result of connections they made in Twitter NFT forums.
  • Another place where you might find a Web3 opportunity is during hackathons.
  • Job boards are still a viable option if you’re not great at networking or are just starting out in your profession and need to look for employment. When looking for a career in Web3, you must understand which are the greatest.

Is it difficult to get a job in Web3?

While many believe that Web3’s relative novelty makes it simple to obtain a job, this isn’t always the case. Fast forward, it’s still hard, but there are unique characteristics of hiring in web3 that we’ve identified.

Finding a job in Web3 shouldn’t be too difficult for you if you’re an established software developer with a wealth of expertise and an impressive portfolio. But if that’s the case, you’ll have no trouble getting a job pretty much anywhere.

On the other hand, since the job itself isn’t simple, it could be a little difficult to find a job in Web3 if you’re just starting out. Because of this, employers are seeking people with greater experience.

How to become a Web3 developer?

If you’re thinking about how to acquire a job in Web3 and you’re interested in crypto programming, be prepared to meet rigorous requirements.

You must fulfill the following qualifications to become a Web3 developer:

  • You ought to be familiar with the fundamentals of cryptography. The easiest way to achieve it is to join a Web3 development group where you can learn the fundamentals of cryptography with other developers and encourage one another while making connections and learning from one another’s errors.
  • Three coding languages should be at least somewhat familiar to you. That really cannot be negotiated.
  • You ought to already have a portfolio. It takes a certain amount of expertise. Your presentation of your work should dazzle your potential employer. Your work speaks for itself more effectively than any words could, after all.
  • You should become familiar with blockchain interfaces.
  • You ought to become familiar with smart contracts. Despite what some may say, it will definitely make your job much simpler.
  • You don’t need a degree from a university. Although it is undoubtedly beneficial, formal schooling is not required. If your resume and skills are able to speak for themselves, that is.

Advice on writing a resume for a Web3 position

Simple and minimalistic on-chain resumes are frequently recommended for software developer employment, however when we discuss Web3, we’re talking about novelty, freshness, and creativity. So unlike with traditional resumes, you can’t hide your past as an employee or fudge the truth. On your resume, you should emphasize these abilities. Nearly everything is open source and community-based. There’s a public track record and more “game film” for employers to review. Show off your creativity and aptitude for fresh thought.

The following sections on your Web3 resume should also be present:

  • Frequently overlooked but crucial component of the resume. Your opportunity to make the best first impression is now. Inform your potential employer of your identity immediately.
  • Work history. Usually, this section follows the profile and comes first. Always give a brief outline of your previous responsibilities. Consider what you have accomplished. Make use of precise numbers and aggressive language.
  • While a solid education will enhance your resume, it is by no means the most crucial element. The education section of your resume should be at the conclusion if you’re applying for a Web3 position. Prioritize your abilities, portfolio, and work history.
  • Possibly the most crucial section of your Web3 resume. Explain your relevant abilities in a clear and concise manner. For example, if you’re a developer, list your knowledge of coding languages. also, of course, expertise in blockchain.
  • Courses and certificates. Demonstrate that you’ve taken additional courses and spent your leisure time learning about Web3.
  • Add a URL leading to your portfolio. The portfolio is a crucial component of your job application if you are a developer.


In conclusion, the greatest option for anyone looking for work in the bitcoin business is We focus on positions in the cryptocurrency sector, and we provide a range of tools and services to assist you in finding the ideal position. Additionally, we regularly update our platform to keep it current with the most recent advancements in the sector. We are therefore the ideal option for anyone looking for employment in this quickly expanding sector.

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