How To Choose A Double Pram For Your Baby

It can be overwhelming to handle a growing family, especially if the children are still very young. If you have more than one baby, there are numerous things to consider, including choosing the perfect double pram you can bring on vacation. 

Whether you’re already planning a family or are expecting your second child, purchasing a pram is an investment that could benefit you for a long time. A pram or stroller should last you through your children’s newborn and toddler years. 

As your family expands, it’s essential to think long-term and buy things you can reuse so you won’t have to spend on unnecessary expenses.

If you have twins or are expecting twins, you’ll need to get a double stroller to take your babies out for a stroll easily. It can be a hassle to carry one baby while holding the hand of another; this heightens the risk of losing one of them.

As parents, it’s crucial to prepare for any unexpected situations that could arise. You should, but stuff that you think is necessary for your babies. 

To help you decide what double stroller to buy, we’ve compiled a list of qualities you need to consider when choosing the best double pram. 


If you’re searching for the best double stroller, there are two significant designs; you can choose between a tandem stroller or a side-by-side stroller.

In-Line Stroller

In-line or tandem strollers are designed with one seat in front of the other. Parents usually adore them for their sleek appearance, adaptability, and ease of use. 

Side-by-Side Stroller

Side-by-side strollers have seats next to each other which leans more toward the traditional design. The recent models are slimmer, more accessible to move, and foldable than their old counterparts. 

Convertible Stroller

Convertible prams are great if you have two or three children and are easier to attach to car seats. You can also adjust convertible strollers in various ways to get their possible use. 


Although tandem strollers fit better through doorways, they can be challenging to maneuver around corners. On the other hand, side-by-side strollers are typically wider but smoother to maneuver than tandem strollers.


Before choosing which stroller is best for you, consider if it’s compatible with the environment where you’re planning to use it. It’s advisable to measure your front door and any other doors you frequently use to make sure they are big enough to fit the stroller you choose.


The newest versions of in-line strollers are modular strollers, meaning either one or two seats can be changed to face forward or backward. While some in-line strollers have two seats permanently secured to the frame, not all of them are; they are very versatile.

Although an in-line stroller doesn’t allow you to turn the seats around as much as possible, a side-by-side stroller offers more flexibility that caters to each child’s reclining preferences. 

Side-by-side strollers are also fully separated so siblings won’t accidentally kick each other when reclining. 

When choosing a double pram, you should have the mindset of a safety box supplier that always puts the safety and security of their belongings above all else. 


Different double strollers are created with different types of families in mind. Consider which double stroller will work best if, for instance, you frequently board and exit public transportation or spend plenty of time in crowded areas.

On the other hand, if you frequently need to fit a double pram in your car, you should pick one that folds quickly and neatly. 

Do you frequently go on road trips in the countryside or the city? Some double prams adjust well, even on uneven and muddy paths. Others are more suitable for city sidewalks and public transportation. 

Ensure you choose a double stroller that best accommodates the place you want to go. 

Financial Budget

Regarding double strollers, your options are limited, but there are models for every price range. You don’t have to spend much on a double stroller, just buy one that’s durable and has a price appropriate for its quality. 

You can always search in secondhand stores if you don’t have enough budget to buy a new double pram. But ensure that you also get additional accessories necessary for the stroller. 

Compatibility With Car Seat

You need a stroller that’s compatible with your car seat. When looking for double prams, remember that it needs to fit your infant’s car seats. Otherwise, you’ll have difficulty making your baby comfortable while on the road. 

Size When Folded

Given that a double stroller might be huge, you should think about where to store it inside your house and in the back of your car. You should measure the double pram and ensure it fits perfectly with your home and car’s designated space.  

It’s crucial to measure the weight of the stroller.  Others are bulkier and more difficult to pack, and some are lightweight and simple to store in the trunk of your car.


Much like sorting out different led strip lights bedroom ideas, there are also many double prams to choose from. Three top-picked double strollers are in-line, side-by-side, and convertible. 

We hope this article helps you choose your new double pram, just ensure that you pick one that’s worth the price and is comfortable for your children.

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