Aromatherapy sequence

Premenstrual Symptoms: Another benefit of activating blood circulation and increasing serotonin is to help women prevent or improve premenstrual symptoms.

Types of stress sequence

Now let’s examine the different types of stress sequences that give better results.

The group of massages with aromatherapy emphasizes two main issues.

Traditional Thai Massage: The goal is to maintain the flow of energy between the 10 main energy channels called Senile. Setline acts directly on the node generated by the channel, canceling it and improving for the benefit of both. The body from the bottom of my heart.

Massage with herbal press: 스웨디시 zippy Made with a special cloth bag containing inside a treatment consisting of aromatic herbs, seeds, herbal medicine, spices and essential oils. This massage has many benefits, including energy balance, improved lymph drainage, promotion of muscle relaxation and improved skin hydration.

Oriental therapy sequence

There are four main types of oriental massage therapy.

Fracture Massage: This massage consists of various techniques such as stretching, kneading and pressure applied to the hands, feet and knees, and it can treat everything from stress to migraine, anxiety, depression, allergies and sleep. Achieve the effect of. Diseases, joint and muscle problems or asthma.

Foot reflexology: Based on the stimulation of specific points in the sole of the foot. These points are directly connected to the glands and organs of the body.

Philippine Hilot Massage: Combine massage and religion as prayer and very special oral herbs are added during the procedure.

Hot Stone Massage: A volcanic stone massage that aims to improve muscle condition, opening energy barriers, increasing flow to the chakras and balancing organisms.

Face sequence

The accumulation of stress, anxiety, loss of energy, etc. it’s a problem that comes out of us and we confidently fight it from the roots and enjoy a fresher look with more energy and joy. It should be. .. .. Facial treatments such as acupressure massage.

The origin of acupressure is around 530 BC. C. In Japan, you can control the energy in your body and get great benefits such as diarrhea, indigestion, constipation, vomiting, nausea, migraine, myalgia, tension and tension pain and circulatory disorders. It is the goal. , It improves the immune system, relieves arthritis pain, toothache, dysmenorrhea, fights insomnia, anxiety and depression problems, and in other words, achieves significant physical and psychological improvement

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