How to overcome the ego and give a radical turn to your life

What is the ego?

I like to define the ego as a delusion of the self. By creating the self at the same time we are opening the door to a kind of war or competition between humanity. We tend to constantly worry about what others will think, and therefore it is we ourselves who deprive ourselves of freedom.

We want to be well seen by society and we follow some guidelines that speak about normality.

Our ego creates what we call “social classes” , and we look down on those below us and we scoff at those above us.

The ego needs to be fed, and when this does not happen we collapse as we feel inferior to the rest. And in fact, that inferiority has always been there, but we mask it with the approval of others, increasing our ego.

You will have noticed that when you receive an attack on your ego you feel depressed, humiliated, ashamed. A cluster of feelings that make you feel miserable.

If you think you are so handsome, or smart, why do you sink when they call you ugly or dumb?

Deep down we always feel inferior, but the ego is our way of fleeing from that inferiority .

What if we freed ourselves from the ego? That’s when then finally that inferiority would really disappear and we would never have to feed it again.

How does the ego harm us?

The ego is hungry, it needs to eat constantly so as not to starve, because if it did we would end up in depression. We provide this food, and it really has a great impact on our lives.

If I had to say what are the foundations of the Cool Sayimngs, I would certainly choose image and social status .

The ego drags us to create a false beauty in ourselves.

We are able to put our image before our health. Today we do crazy things to “improve” our aesthetics. We undergo surgeries, we spend fortunes, we damage our skin and our bodies. And all for the same reason, because we feel inferior and continue to seek that infinite approval from others. We cannot bear the thought of being “ugly.” We are incapable.

If for a moment we stopped to think from the depths of our hearts, we would realize how we are literally ruining our lives for something so insignificant.


On the other hand, regarding social status, we are able to step on each other to climb some fictitious steps. Some steps created in our mind.

The main food of social status is money. This is where we really create a war between us.

It is where theft, corruption, greed, aggressive marketing, consumerism are born.

Some will say that this is survival, but wouldn’t coexistence be better? Whoever has leftover should give to whoever is lacking, instead of whoever has leftover, take away from whoever is lacking, and so that he has more leftover and the other lacks more.

We live in a totally illogical world.

How would my life be without ego?

You would finally lose the fear of failing, you would leave your comfort zone, your routine.

You would be ready to explore new ground, which you have not done until now for fear of acceptance.

You would risk the unknown, losing the fear of rejection or criticism.

You would abandon negative feelings such as shyness, shame, fear or shame.

You would stop being a puppet moved by society, always depending on its approval.

And most importantly, you would stop hurting others.

How to overcome the ego?

To beat the ego you have to work on the following 7 steps :

  • Stop feeling offended.
  • Forget winning.
  • Forget being right.
  • Forget about being superior.
  • Forget having more.
  • Forget identifying yourself with your achievements.
  • Forget the fame.

Little by little, working on the path of spirituality, and acting from the heart, you will manage to forget.

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