Formulate Z10 Pro IPTV Set-Top Box

The updated version of the Z8 Pro is here!

The Z10 Pro has been updated with Android 10 operating system.

In addition, the receiver again gives you access to a micro SD card slot.

Of course, the My TV Online 2 application is also included so that you can watch IPTV with the best video formats.

Access the powerful My TV Online 2 application

My TV Online 2 is a comprehensive and simple IPTV app.

You simply plug in your IPTV package and you can enjoy your favorite content in no time.

The application is clear and has a beautiful look.

The app is easy to use for everyone in the house, young and old alike.

Easily flick through categories and VOD/Series or Radio.

The application works quickly and without errors due to the powerful processor.

With extensive functions such as program repeat, recording & EPG (TV Guide) your television experience is complete.

Watch IPTV wirelessly or wired

The Z10 Pro Max has a dual-band WLAN module and a 100 Mbit LAN port.

This allows you to watch high quality TV both wired and wireless.

Download countless applications with Android 10

Do you want to get more than just IPTV out of the receiver?

Thanks to the Android 10 operating system with Widevine L1 certification, you can download countless applications to the device.

The Z10 Pro has a dedicated market that makes the most popular applications one-touch downloadable.

Turn your device into a full-fledged streaming media player in no time.

4K picture quality with AV1 efficiency

The Z10 Pro uses powerful decoding software so you can watch TV at an affordable price.

As a result, the receiver consumes less electricity and internet.

This is a particularly efficient way to get beautiful pictures!

Ergonomic and compact remote control

The Z10 Pro comes bundled with the GTV IR remote control.

This patented remote control is ergonomic and easy to use.

Because all the buttons are arranged properly and efficiently, everyone in the house can use the receiver.

Package contents

  • Formuler Z10 Pro IPTV-Box
  • Remote control
  • HDMI cable
  • IR extension
  • Essay
  • Batteries
  • Manual
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