Most Profitable Apps to Earn From in 2022

 Estimately, there would be 7.5 billion smartphone users by 2026, creating a huge marketplace for dedicated applications. A good percentage of the businesses have already integrated the business with a mobile application. If you don’t have a business yet, you can build one primarily on the basis of a revenue-generating android or iOS application. 


With the help of a Mobile app developer, you can avail a business to which the users are gravitated towards. 


7 Most Profitable Apps to Earn From in 2022 


  • Entertainment Centric Apps: 


Entertainment-centric apps will only go out of business when people will stop getting bored or would prefer sober, content-free life. Analyzing the entertainment industry that has been running for over 100 years, it is unlikely that the entertainment industry or entertainment-centric apps will go out of business. 


The entertainment industry is a good choice to invest in with an app. Although apps such as Netflix, amazon prime, Tencent, and HBO are currently leading the apps, there is still a lot of space to generate revenues. Different entertainment-centric apps simply commercialize through different subscription modes. 


Your entertainment app can offer both visual (books and videos/ movies), and audio (broadcasting and music) content. Your strategy should be carefully planned with a good marketing strategy and UX friendly app for convenience. 

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  • Game-Based Apps


The gaming industry is booming in the current digital era. Whether we are talking about the famous and addictive games such as PUBG or we talk about the mindless games installed on our phones as free versions, games are almost inevitable. Additionally, the gaming industry also has a diverse audience. In this industry, you can target toddlers with learning and development games, educational games, mind tricks, and habit-building games as well. 


As far as your creativity and strategy will go, so will your commercialization of the app. The gaming industry earns its revenues in several ways such as including ads in the game and will receive a percentage of the money, an ad-free experience for a low monthly fee, In-game purchases and so on. 


  • Freelance Platform Apps:


Freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and so are currently the leading webs and web apps in the industry. With the growing trend of freelancing jobs, the market opportunity for such platforms is diverse. This is one of the industries in which the right strategy and standard procedure can help you commercialize the app to a great extent. 


With the freelance platform apps, consistency and credibility are two of the most important factors. Since the revenue of the freelance apps is based on percentage from each project completed, patience is definitely a requirement. 


  • Health Centric Apps:


With the advent of the wearable, the usage of health-centric apps has sky-rocket. The integration of the health-centric apps with the wearables has provided the users the access to valuable data concerning health, navigations, tracking, and even quick communication to the professions. 


Health-centric apps provide users a wide range of data that is helpful in improving quality of life and health, especially for users with an illness that requires constant body and vitals monitoring. In such apps, you can add diverse features from sleep pattern monitoring to step-tracking. The health-centric apps commercialize from the monthly and yearly subscription that comes with inclusive health content and features, otherwise unavailable in the free version. 


  • Social Media Apps:


Social media apps are absolutely necessary despite the studies that the audience may be getting addicted. Social media apps have surpassed the category of socializing and news sharing. Currently, social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, telegrams, and similar apps are merging the marketplace with users’ socializing place. 


Social media apps evidently earn by providing a platform to market and advertise while reaching the biggest pool of audiences that exist currently. The social media apps earn for their services of gathering a wider audience of almost every age group. While it is almost next to impossible to beat Facebook and Instagram, creating a social media app that caters to the local audience or is based on a similar but modified idea can also bring monetary benefits. However, in this industry, the competition will be tough. You can also leverage your applications in the regions and countries where popular apps such as Facebook are banned or the accessibility is limited. 


  • Job Hunting Apps:


Indeed and LinkedIn are the most popular apps suggesting how you can commercialize a process as simple as job hunting. Job hunting is a practice that addresses audience needs rather than wants and is something that never goes out of season. Analyzing the existing job-hunting apps, you can target the existing shortcomings and create a more credible app that would generate revenues 


Job hunting and similar apps can be commercialized through different models and several features such as an In-built CV/ resume builder, registration fee from the companies and the job hunters, commission on achievable jobs, and so on. You can even create it specific categories such as project-based, home-based, international job hunt, and so on to leverage the right audience in the market. 


  • On-Demand Apps:


On-demand iOS or Android apps are the most popular revenue-generating apps globally. It’s a simple concept that you deliver the service and products to the consumers at the time they desire or need them. Popular on-demand apps include food and medicine delivery apps, transportation apps, and so on. 


With the on-demand iOS or Android apps, you can work on the different revenue models as well. 


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