How to Improve SEO Ranking Using Schema Markup in 2022

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How to Improve SEO Ranking Using Schema Markup in 2022

Every business wants search engines to comprehend their content better. Businesses also want to obtain more data and insightful results about their customers. But, is there an easy way to achieve all that?

Fortunately, yes, Schema Markup can show you how to rank higher in search engines. Schema markup enables bots such as Google spiders to take organized data from your site.

Schema boosts your online presence and brand awareness significantly. The reason is; Attractive rich results compel visitors immediately. And they are more likely to hit the button of your website’s link.

Schema Markup Defined

Schema markup or structured data can be defined as a type of microdata. It acts as a rich snippet if a brand adds the code to their website.

Those rich snippets show up in search engine result pages with in-depth explanations of the information present on the site. Moreover, Schema markup offers improved insights on a page for visitors and search engines to understand the data easily.

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How to Use Schema Markup to Boost Rankings in Search Engines?

Here are some ways to improve your site’s rankings using Schema.

Utilize Structured Data Markup Helper

Structured Data Markup Helper is Google’s tool. To use this tool, you first need to opt for a kind of schema that fits your requirements. Then, paste the HTML code or URL.

Tag the Important Data

You would see a page where you can tag items. Now, tag the required information like a book writer’s name if your website is a blog that talks about books. Choose the item in the relevant pane. In this way, tagging would begin in the relevant pane.

Continue Tagging Other Items

You can tag many items. See what aspects of your page you want to emphasize. You may not be able to tag a couple of items. Still, continue tagging lots of possible items.

Enter Your HTML Code

Once you have tagged as many items as you wish, go to the top right corner of the screen and click on the create HTML button. You will see the HTML source on the screen with Microdata markup.

It will create a list of microdata for the options you have picked. Now, add the snippet’s code into the site’s HTML to finish the schema markup. On the screen, there would be highlighted snippet points where you need to enter the relevant code.

Another way is to generate an automated file and download it. Then copy and paste the file into the source code. Hit the finish button. You would see a series of further steps on the screen.

Testing Schema Markup

Congratulations, you have successfully entered schema markup. But, you don’t know if it is functioning properly. Here Google tool for testing structured data comes to your rescue. Use it to find out how your schema markup appears in seconds.

You can see the preview by pasting the code. Your SEO audit expert can discover any problems in your markup and solve them accordingly.

It also enables you to test current markups. If any loopholes exist, your SEO services provider would alter the code there and run the test again.

Some Hacks to Improve SEO Further With Schema Markup

Above, we only guide you about the basics of Schema markup. Now, if you wish to find more opportunities in the ocean of Schema to enhance your rankings, here are some smart tips for you.

Explore the Most Popular Schemas

Schema website offers a range of the schema markup most widely used. To view this list of schema markups, go to the Organization of Schemas page. Explore the types that fit best to your needs.


Utilize Schemas that Match Your Requirements

We have already told you that there are various types of markups. Click on < The Type Hierarchy> to visit this section and explore the full list. This list offers a  majority of available markup types.

Markup More and More Content

Guidelines on the Schema’s website state explicitly that it’s better to markup as much content as you can. Once you get an idea of the wide range of item types, You start to spot the content that you can markup on your web page.


However, remember the disclaimer that says only markup the items that the visitors of your web page can view and not the items in concealed div’s or other concealed page elements.


Using schema markup is no rocket science. As you have seen now how easy it is to apply and get amazing results in the form of high rankings. However, most businesses are still unaware of its power.


Though it’s unfortunate, this offers you a great chance to beat other similar businesses in your industry. You are competing with them to be more visible than them so that you can win more customers.

Schema can help you to stay on top of your competitors in the search engine result pages (SERP).

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