Pruning And Emergency Felling Of Trees

Pruning is the process and result of removing certain branches from a plant or tree to make it grow stronger and its fruits to be of better quality.

Primary reasons for pruning include removal of dead branches, removal of clumping or rubbing limbs for better shape, removal of hazards and improvement of sunlight and air movement throughout the tree.

Specialized in all kinds of pruning and felling of trees and palm trees

Proper pruning maintains good tree health and structure

Here we will focus more on ornamental trees, so we will talk about two types of pruning, sanitation and safety. The first is specific pruning to eliminate broken, dry or diseased branches. Safety pruning is used to remove or shorten potentially dangerous branches, such as protruding and bent branches.

Although tree removal is a last resort, there are certain circumstances that make it necessary. Rigging is essential to the safe removal of a tree. We have lowering techniques, or we can use a crane for difficult trees in confined areas, such as near your home, or to protect other trees.

At Tree Removal Melbourne, we always carry out a comprehensive risk assessment to minimize the possibility of collateral damage, so that our clients are aware of any potential danger and are in a position to make an informed decision.

Properly done pruning maintains good tree health and structure. It can also enhance the beauty and economic value of your landscape. Pruning should be done by professionals, who have the necessary training and experience, and are familiar with the techniques and hazards of this job.

After a period of heavy rains, as the ground is very wet and especially if it is accompanied by a strong wind, many trees are affected by broken branches and even uprooted.

At Tree Removal Melbourne we recommend pruning and cleaning the treetops, especially before the months of October, the date on which the autumn and winter storms begin.

But if damage occurs, our services include emergency pruning and felling of trees, which due to inclement weather… strong winds, water, snow, etc. They must be dealt with quickly.

Tree Removal Melbourne has a special emergency pruning checkpoint specialized in pruning, chopping firewood, clearing and removing pruning material.

We inform you that in many cases, it is advisable to inform the insurance of the damages suffered by the fall of trees since sometimes; the insurance companies take charge of the payment of the work carried out in the pruning and cleaning.

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