Everything All About the Toi et Moi Ring

Toi et Moi Diamond Engagement Ring - 2022

Why wear one bling when you can have two?! Two stone engagement rings are an exciting new trend in the wedding market. The rings don’t look ostentatious, they look beautiful!

How to choose a Toi et Moi Ring? And why is it called exactly like that: here’s what you require to know about the ring with two gems.

Do you want to offer an unforgettable ring? Would you like to receive a ring worth twice as much? Are you looking for a ring that represents your love as a couple? Then, probably, the choice will fall on a Two Stone Rings type ring. It will be appreciated (also because it costs more than a normal solitaire). The reason? It’s simple: it’s a double ring. But it also has a unique symbolic meaning. But do you know why it is so called the ring that has two opposite stones?

What is toi et Moi Ring?

The Plain Toi et Moi Diamond Ring

The Toi et Moi Ring or You and Me ring has long been considers the ideal engagement ring. It is towards this model that Napoleon turned to ask Josephine de Beauharnais for marriage. Today, the popularity of two stone ring remains, because it has been able to adapt to current trends.

Meaning Of Toi et Moi Engagement Ring

When looking for an engagement ring, a general trend is to choose a ring design that expresses the bond of future spouses or their characters. For example, a ring set with three stones represents the present, the past, and the future of a relationship. While a solitaire engagement ring rather bears its symbolism on the meaning of the precious stone that composes it.

The Toi et Moi style is an unequivocal representation of the couple. Two gemstones symbolize two being ready to unite for life.

In general, these stones are of equal sizes and are places next to each other. Often other patterns are included in the ring design, including vegetal patterns such as flowers, vines, and leaves. Other embellishments such as a filigree ring body, milgrain decor, or small stones on the sides can enhance the sparkle and beauty of the jewelry.

The Story of Toi et Moi Engagement Rings

If we don’t know exactly when the Toi et Moi rings were first made. We do know the famous Toi et Moi ring that Napoleon Bonaparte gave as an engagement ring to his first wife Josephine in 1796.

We tend to think of Napoleon as a genius warrior, but he is less known for his romanticism. Napoleon Bonaparte was just an officer when he met Joséphine de Beauharnais in October 1795, and her family fiercely opposed their union. Indeed, Josephine was six years older than Bonaparte, and she was a widow with two children.

Her previous husband, General Alexandre de Beauharnais, had been sentenced to death by guillotine for capitulating to the Prussians and the Austrians during the siege of Mainz (now Germany) in 1793. Married on March 9, 1796, that is to say only five months after meeting Joséphine. And barely two weeks after being engaged on February 24 with the famous Toi et Moi ring, Napoleon left France two days later. to lead the French army in the victorious invasion of Italy.

Napoleon Bonaparte History:

Napoleon has crowned Emperor of France at Notre-Dame Cathedral, and his wife Josephine became Empress, but the marriage was short-lived. Unable to have other children, the love story ended abruptly when they divorced in 1810.  Although Napoleon remarried soon after, in the hope of fathering an heir, Joséphine kept her title of empress and the two ex-spouses have remained devoted to each other.

The original ring above is composed of blue sapphire and a diamond of one carat each. This both cut in the shape of a pear and set on a thin gold ring. This famous Toi et Moi ring made headlines when it was auctioned by the French auction house Osenat in Fontainebleau in March 2013 (ref). The ring was estimated at only 10-15,000 euros in presale, but it sold for 730,000 euros by an anonymous collector thanks to its exceptional history. Enough to reinforce the legend of this exceptional jewel.

Imagine that at the time of the purchase of this ring, Napoleon was only 26 years old. It was only an officer in the making, and did not have much money. Yet he used all his savings to buy this high-quality ring against the advice of his relatives, for the woman of his dreams, who later became his empress. So this is a beautiful story that transmitted to the Toi et Moi ring its powerful symbols. That endure today, namely: love stronger than reason, passion, and constancy in love.

What does the current Tow Stone Engagement Ring look like?

Like all models of vintage rings, two stone rings have changed slightly to adapt to new trends. If at the base the stones were placed side by side and opposite each other, today they intertwine or are offset from each other. It is not uncommon to see models whose stones are arranged in the manner of an S.

The shape and size of the two stones are no longer similar. Toi et Moi ring can be adorned with a heart-shaped stone and a smaller, rounded one, for example. If traditionally the ring of you and me ring is closed, this model has been able to adapt to current fashion. There are currently very trendy pieces with an open ring with a stone at each end.

The Body of the Tow Stone Engagement Ring

Metals: Most frames are made of metals traditionally used in jewelry. Depending on your desires and your budget, gold (yellow, white, rose gold’s– in different carats), platinum, and silver will be your default choices.

Designs: What designs would you like to enhance the beauty of your ring? Think of flowers, spirals, animals, etc.

Open or closed? : Given the duality of the ring, it is possible to have a closed or open ring body with space between the two stones

Other Items

You can also add metal details to the setting (e.g. filigree and milgrain) to add depth and texture to your ring.

Patterns have their meaning and can be interprets in many ways. For example, celestial objects representing the sun, stars, and moon can represent guidance, direction, and spirituality, birds can represent mating for life. And hearts signify love and horseshoes where clovers represent luck.

Which Toi et Moi Ring Do you Mostly Choose?

If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of ​​a Toi et moi engagement ring. You can start looking around to see what options are available to you.

Then, Go on Google search engine and type Gemistone.com and visit our store. We have category wise diamonds engagement rings. In which that Toi et Moi Ring category is the most selling and trendy category.

Also, to get an idea of ​​the models available and the possibilities offered by the countless designs of Toi et Moi rings. We suggest that you do your research on Etsy on the GemistoneIn channel. Which we offers to impressive collection of handcrafted diamonds rings.

One way to get exactly what you want is to design your custom engagement ring. This unique design is not necessarily more expensive than a standard ring. By pairing these elements together so that they fit seamlessly into your ring design, you can give your Toi et Moi ring a deeper meaning.

Personalities who have worn a Toi et Moi ring

Jackie Bouvier (now Kennedy):

Jackie Bouvier's Toi et Moi Ring

Received as an engagement gift a Toi et Moi ring from Van Cleef&Arpels adorned with a diamond and an emerald by her future husband, John Kennedy.

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark:

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark Toi et Moi Engagement Ring

Was offered a Toi et Moi ring (again Van Cleef & Arpels) comprising two cushion-cut diamonds of 6 carats each, by the Danish prince Henrik.

In 2005, Jesse James gave a similar double diamond ring to American actress Sandra Bullock.

Emily Ratajkowski:

Replica of Emily Ratajkowski - Pear and Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Emily’s two-stone engagement ring – Pear Princess Cut Toi et Moi Diamond Engagement Ring, featuring a pear-shaped diamond next to a princess-cut diamond, sparked a craze for engagement rings with two diamonds arranged in tow stone engagement ring.

Buy Toi et Moi Ring online from Gemistone Jewelers

Choose the one you like the most or be encouraged to take a look at the rest of the collection in our online jewelry store Gemistone. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to adapt each of them to any type of budget.

The high quality of the piece undoubtedly makes it an ideal engagement ring, which you can buy at the best price. Its comfortable and balanced design makes it ideal as an engagement ring or promise ring. Of daily use, and all kinds of messages can be engraved inside, as is usual in this type of jewelry.

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