Discover Five Keys To Manifest Your Happiness

Our guest this time is a friend and mentor. She was the one with whom I discovered the science of visualization and vision books. Buddhist practice brought us together and to this day there is great friendship and admiration. Bhama has a history of transformation and is the living example that at the point of maximum hopelessness is when you can begin to be light for others. Enjoy it.

We all want to be happy, however, many times we find ourselves looking outside for what is inside us and we continue to look for manifesting happiness outside of ourselves. In my search for happiness I found five keys:

Happiness starts with a commitment

That commitment is to believe that we deserve to be happy and that we can help others to be happy, without taking responsibility for the happiness of others. On the other hand, waiting for happiness to knock on our door is an infallible formula for unhappiness. It is important to work cheerfully and with determination to activate the happiness that is within us.

Overcome unhappiness

“Happiness is not the absence of problems” and having very challenging situations does not mean unhappiness. The important thing is to learn to look at our challenges head-on and solve them in the best possible way, looking for everyone to win in solving them.

The solution to your challenge is within you

Not taking responsibility for our lives leads us to blame everyone and everything for what happens to us. Thinking that the whole world is guilty, except me, is the greatest cause of unhappiness. Really, when we are happy, it is that we can see everything beautiful that surrounds us.

Don’t compare yourself with others

We are living in a materialistic society where people tend to be judged by what they have and not by what is in their heart. Comparing yourself to another, you will find that there is always going to be someone who has more than you and someone who is less fortunate. Consistent spiritual practice teaches you how to create an inner strength, trusting in the exceptional Being that you carry within you.

Be in the present

The present contains all the past and all the future. When we change our present, we are transforming all the emotional baggage that we bring from the past and we strengthen ourselves to look joyfully at the future. It is in the present where we can take action and work for our how to manifest happiness.

  • Happiness is within us, we just need to activate it. There are two things that will help you:
  • A solid and harmonious spiritual practice that helps you overcome the challenges you experience on a daily basis.
  • Help others to be happy, without feeling responsible for them.
  • Decide to be happy and contribute to the happiness of everyone around you, starting with you.
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