List of hydroponic fruits for huge profits

hydroponic fruits

The cost of a hydroponic fruit depends on the ratio of its demand and supply. To earn maximum profit from your hydroponic farming setup, choose to grow exotic fruits. With the highly balanced and appropriate availability of nutrients, vitamins, temperature and light, you can grow all kinds of fruits in any weather and any season. 

This article will offer you a highly profitable list of exotic fruits and a specialised list of some fruits for earning huge profits.

Exotic Fruits

Try to consider the term ‘exotic’, which represents non-native products, here fruits, like avocado, kiwi, durian, salak, mamoncillo. The demands for these fruits can be met by making them available away from their place of origin. To grow exotic fruits hydroponically, the foremost thing is its capability of controlling the lighting and temperature of the growing area. It can offer a balanced dispense of nutrients & pH through water for the right growth of the fruit. Consider the growing vine fruits, like Grapes in an area of 2000 sqft, with the current rate of INR 150 per kg. The profit margin would be INR 104930 in the first harvest. This can be attained after the deduction of the total cost of capital investment and operation. 

The entire approach of hydroponic farming is to offer a much-customised environment as per the requirement of the selected exotic fruit. Thus, under such ambience, the plantation of exotic fruits for earning huge profits becomes a matter of great convenience. However, this also needs professional knowledge about the kind of care that the exotic fruits must-have. 

Citrus Fruits 

According to the Citrus Fruit Coatings Market, in the post-COVID market scenario, there will be tremendous growth in the demands of citrus fruits. This growth has been estimated to cross 6.6% CAGR, by 2025. Thus, for your hydroponic farm, select growing citrus fruits, like citron, mandarin, micrantha, and pomelo. Though most of these fruits are grown on trees, the hydroponic provision you can make them grow inside a limited space by creating the absolute tropical environment. Further, with the right amount of temperature, lighting, and nutrients the growth of these fruits can be further enhanced as per the demands of the market. Consider growing Mandarin Orange with INR 350 per kg in 200 sqft area. In the first harvest, the estimated profit margin would be INR 229660, and the same will increase with the harvests that will follow in the duration of a few months.   

Apart from the citrus fruits, you can also consider growing berries and cantaloupe. Different kinds of berries and melons can also yield huge profit margins.


Demands for strawberries remain all through the year. The reason is its antioxidant feature with the availability of Vitamin C as the immunity booster. The farming of strawberries through the traditional method is very labour-intensive and completely depends on the wet climatic condition of the place. However, through a hydroponic farming setup, the concern of both climate and labour can be managed with great ease. 

By following vertical hydroponic farming of strawberries in an acre of land, Temecula Valley Strawberry Farm (TVSF) of the United States yielded 1.14 kgs of strawberries in each plant, leading to a total of 51030 kgs of strawberries in the third harvest. These strawberries were sold at the rate of INR 228 per pound, collecting revenue of INR 11634840. This achievement can be further enhanced in India, where 1 kg strawberry costs INR 250. The profit estimation for an area of 2000 sqft in India would be INR 120970 after the first harvest.     


Melons need lots of water and so are the best fruits for a hydroponics farming setup. Under traditional farming conditions, melons need effective protection from all kinds of soil-borne diseases and air-borne infections. However, when you consider hydroponic farming for melons, you get rid of these diseases and infections. Under safe and regularly balanced environmental conditions melons can yield huge profits to you. For an area of 2000 sqft, the estimated profit margin for growing hydroponic melons can bring regular profits. The estimated net profit per harvest would be INR 36930, which can be attained by deducting the total earnings of 117000 from the total investment of INR 110040.

Also under the professional guidance of hydroponics companies in India, try considering the combined one-time hydroponic setup of an ebb-and-flow system with the vertical arrangement to grow melons. With limited space and the least consumption of time for maintenance, you can earn lucratively from watermelons, muskmelons and cantaloupe  


Blueberries are always in demand and are popular all over the world. Its speciality of being high in antioxidants is effective in protecting the nervous system and the brain without any side effects. Growing blueberries on soil offer unpredictable results. The reason is blueberries are very sensitive to the pH condition of the soil. However, under the provisions of hydroponic farming, this concern can be well managed and you can yield the maximum amount of blueberries without the risk of wastage. With balanced availability of acidic conditions for the roots, adequate sulphur, and customised moist atmosphere, the hydroponic facility can offer the blueberry bushes extensive scopes of high yield.

With the selling price of INR 1200 per kg, blueberries are assured to bring in huge profit to your hydroponic farming. In the estimation for an area of 2000 sqft for growing hydroponic blueberries, you will gain a total earning of INR 300000 per harvest. As you deduct the total cost or investment, which would be INR 180070; from the aforementioned total earning, you will get the net profit of INR 119930 per harvest.  

With the increasing count of the urban population, followed by the need for good organic food, hydroponic farming is going to take over the traditional farming methods. Note that to achieve the aforementioned net profit margins, it is important to follow the balanced and appropriately arranged procedural criteria. Instead of getting engaged by individual skills for hydroponic farming, consider your investment by partaking in knowledge-based guidance. 

In this context, under professional guidance and competence, the hydroponic farming of exotic fruits, citrus fruits, strawberries, selective melons, and blueberries can yield huge profits for you.


Citrus Fruit Coatings Market

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