Does the Qur’an force Jews and Christians to convert to Islam?

The Qur’an says:

Muslim commentators explain: “God has closed their hearts and ears and closed their eyes. There are huge fines for them. With regard to unbelievers, the same thing applies to them, whether you admonish them or not. “(Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali) The translator offers the following explanation:

Forgiveness, unbelief, and unbelief are inherited forms of the Word, meaning knowingly rejecting faith, not conforming to the desire to see the truth or misunderstanding of faith. When there is such a desire, God’s mercy guides. However, this guide is not effective when deliberately rejected and can be voluntarily rejected. The result of this rejection is the inactivation of spiritual abilities to feel better. Forgiveness has many meanings: 1) Denial of God’s goodness, ingratitude. 2) Rejection of faith, rejection of its revelation. 3) Gossip is a display of limitations or attributes to a god who mocks his own nature. In translation, it is necessary to put one shade or another, depending on the context, but not all. (See Abdullah Yusuf’s Commentary on the Glorious Quran, pp. 30 and 93). If you wanna hire Quran teacher visit for more about Quran.

The word “unbeliever” in the Qur’an does not mean “apostasy”. Convenience ‘kfr’ means cost of living, redemption. Akkadian means “caparo” – “destruction, redemption, redemption”. In the book of Exodus we read the following: “The ransom is to be paid to the owner” (Exodus 21:30. NRSV). Paying for living was a form of taxation. Protecting people’s lives was a natural responsibility. The Bible says that in the days of Moses, God paid the ransom price for every Israelite: they would be saved. Their lives are for the Lord, so that no plague will come on them because they are registered ”(Exodus 30:11; NRSV. Biblical Hebrew).

The Bible says in Hebrew that ‘kfr’ means ‘redemption from sin’: “This is holy to God” (Exodus 30:10. NRSV. Bible Hebrew). The term “kfr” is used to describe the “sin offering” in the following Bible passage: “These are the commandments of the blood-sacrifice … (kfr) the bull for the sin-offering” (Ezekiel 43:19; NRSV. Bible Hebrew). 

‘kfr’ means “to cover, to comfort, to forgive,” as stated in the book of Genesis (Genesis 32:21).

In the New Testament, the “KFR” (ie the ransom money) is no longer associated with the temple victims, and there is still less money, less money, and even prayer. This allows for the “kfr” of Jesus’ life and crucifixion and the shedding of real blood. According to the New Testament, Christ and His death include everything needed to forgive a person’s sins, and his life is “kfr” (ransom). Read about : Best Stardew Valley Farm Names

In the Aramaic language of the Bible, the word “kfr” does not mean “unbeliever” or “one who does not convert to Islam”. Misinterpretation of the Qur’an has forced Muslim commentators to misinterpret the word “kfr”.

It should be noted that the original versions of the Qur’an did not contain the necessary symbols for sound. Later, with the introduction of the main characters, the Aramaic language became ‘kfr’ and ‘kaffaro’.

The word “other” in the Qur’an is mistranslated as “will”. Convenience means ‘agreeing’ (Isa. 16: 6). From / Sh / to / s / and Semitic languages ​​such as ‘candle [s]’ (sun) and ‘candle [sh] a’; ‘M [es] ih’ and ‘M [sh] iha’ (Christ) and so on.

The word “Indharma” in the Qur’an means that you warn them. Syriac (Aramaic dialect) ‘Atnadrat’ – proclaim yourself, pray (Syria Peshito, Gen. 31:13). In Aramaic, it means “prayer” (Psalm 132). In Aramaic, the letter / d / is similar to spirant / dh / ‘there’. Later, when the symbols of the later Arabic alphabet were added, ‘ndr’ became ‘Nadra’ or ‘Andra’ in Aramaic.

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