Windows Hosting: A perfect pick for the website! Why?

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Windows hosting vs. Linux hosting has always been a hot topic in the web hosting industry. Users with their respective preferences always boast about their used one from Linux and Windows. All in all, both hosting types have their edge and perks for websites and online businesses. However, if you also wonder what makes Windows Hosting a perfect pick for the website or an online business, you have docked at the right place.

Before delving into the main discussion, let’s start with a bit about the said hosting.

What actually is Windows Hosting? 

Windows hosting means getting a server with foundations relying on the Windows platform. Windows is an operating system (OS) just like Linux yet launched by Microsoft. So basically, using a windows server for hosting is Windows Hosting.

Easy to use

Windows operating system is pretty easy to use. It works more like the Windows installed on the PC (desktop). In terms of hosting, the OS installed on the hosting server that is going to host the websites and other web products is the Windows Server. Therefore, thanks to its ease, it is said that the best OS for beginners is none other than Windows.

Extensive Support for .Net Framework

The most impressive reason behind the popularity of Cheap Windows Hosting and being the perfect pick for the website is that it supports .NET technology.

You might already know that .NET is a free, cross-platform, open-source developer platform. It is suitable for developing different types of applications, and it can work in conjunction with multiple languages, editors, and libraries. At present, it is being used for all web, mobile, desktop, games, and IoT development.

Following the tech innovation, users are more into having unique and dynamic web products. Therefore, Windows hosting seems to be the ideal choice for anything based on .NET, like Visual Studio .NET, .NET core, ASP.NET core, etc. For instance, one can smoothly host an ASP.NET web product with a Windows environment.

Benefits for Development 

Similar to the above, Windows hosting has got many other lucrative benefits in light of the development aspect. Not only.NET, but you can go for several other frameworks, including PHP/ MySQL, ASPX, MVC, etc.

Similarly, if you are working with a Windows-based programming language, like CGI, ISAPI, or COM, Windows maintains its suitability as the best hosting platform. Therefore, windows hosting is always the perfect pick for the website, to be precise, the first priority for many developers.

You can easily get a shared, or Windows VPS server and Windows dedicated servers from the web hosting companies that support Windows OS. Also, you can choose your preferred Cheap Windows Hosting Plans to store and launch your website. Also, if you are a developer, you can easily develop, deploy, and test your products based on different frameworks.

Easy to use Control Panel 

The interesting part is you can use Plesk with Windows.

Plesk has a cleaner and modern user interface fueled by all the features ordinary users and system administrators need. For instance, it lets you manage the domains, sub-domains, emails, database, FTP accounts, and so forth. Also, it is very flexible in terms of managing multiple websites at a time. Besides, this web panel is very easy to use, even for beginners.

Undoubtedly, many other control panels work well with Windows. However, Plesk has got much fame over the years and at present has a large user base.

Easy to Update

Updates help enhance the usability of the software relative to the latest innovations and users’ demands. Therefore, periodic updates are a must to cope with user requirements, whichever software or program one uses for the tech commodity. Besides, Microsoft, being a successful technology corporation, releases updates every now and often to boost the product’s viability and functionality for the user. For Windows, you can easily update and upgrade your Operating System, which eventually makes it a perfect pick for the website.

Compatible with all Essential Hosting Features 

In addition to the above, with Windows Hosting, you can expect all the features that one might get with Linux. For instance, you can get the one-click installation of all the scripts and apps like WordPress Joomla, Magento, etc. Similarly, other hosting features like RAM, disk space, bandwidth, etc., work the same as what a hosting environment should be working like.

Moreover, if allowed by the web host, you can use the feature IIS manager on the hosting platform. It helps with complicated configurations. In addition, Windows Hosting supports various Microsoft IIS modules, including the URL rewrite module. With the help of this module, you can create rules to implement user-friendly and search engine-friendly URLs.

Navicosoft provides Windows Shared Hosting with plenty of optimizations unique and favourable to your website and online business. In addition, all Cheap Windows Hosting Plans come with daily backups and a free Domain Name, and all the benefits as mentioned earlier.

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