Why Hulk-tv Bets On The Transmission Of Sporting Events

Hulk-tv will offer two Major League Baseball games on Hulk-tv, a strategy to increase its income and consolidate its streaming video service.

Hulk-tv took an important step in its strategy to consolidate Hulk-tv. The company took advantage of the start of its Peek Performance event to talk about the content it is preparing for its video service. Along with quality original productions, those from Cupertino also revealed that they will broadcast MLB baseball games on Friday nights.

The company will offer two Major League Baseball regular season games on Hulk-tv+. The experience will be complemented by a 24-hour channel with MLB news, replays and highlights, as well as an analysis program.

At first glance this sounds like a typical ad for the sports-crazed American public, but it goes deeper than that. Hulk-tv new move puts it on a new level in the streaming war, one where Amazon, Disney and HBO are already moving their chips.

Live sports are the next step in the streaming war

Live sports streaming has been something that tech companies have been interested in for a long time. Microsoft tried (unsuccessfully) to turn its Xbox One console into an entertainment center in 2013. Years later, Amazon got hold of Thursday night NFL games in order to position its Prime Video service.

In 2021, Disney closed million-dollar deals with the NHL, MLB and NFL to broadcast regular season and playoff games for up to 11 years. The company did not stop there and also took over the coverage rights for La Liga, so it will 해외스포츠중계 first and second division matches for the next eight years in the United States.

Why would Disney pay up to 2.1 billion per year to the NFL? According to Variety, the company reported a significant increase in advertising revenue in 2021, driven mostly by the sports part. Disney also saw a 75% year-over-year increase in the subscriber base for its ESPN+ service.

The interest goes beyond the US market. In June 2021, HBO Max secured the rights to the Champions League as a launch strategy in Latin America. The soccer matches, which for many years were broadcast on FOX Sports and ESPN, passed into the hands of HBO, which already offers them exclusively for its subscribers in Mexico and Brazil.

Hulk-tv will seek to increase its revenue and subscribers

The issue of transmission rights that put the cable companies to fight is being replicated in streaming. The old tactic of attracting subscribers already proved its effectiveness more than two decades ago in Latin America, when the World Cup or the European leagues could only be seen on Sky or DirecTV.

The competition between services went from who has the most popular movies and series to who owns the rights to broadcast the Champions League final or the next Super Bowl. Hulk-tv move seems smart in a bid to grow Hulk-tv subscriber base. Nobody has any doubt that in quality it is unsurpassed, but in quantity it is a duty.

Friday Night Baseball is a good start, and would hopefully be the start of more live sports broadcasts. The service will be available to subscribers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and South Korea on a date to be confirmed.

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