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“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a very popular saying which emphasizes the reason to stop and take a break to play or just relax.

If you want to take a break and play some games but don’t want to go outside due to the weather then continue reading this article as I’ll be sharing with you some fun games to play at home with your friends and family. The games are going to be easy to set up and play, and are also good for people of different ages and capabilities. Without wasting much of our precious time, let us get right into today’s article.

 Trivia Questions and Answers

Trivia is another fun game to play at home with your friends and family. The game is quite educational as it helps to test your general knowledge about things.

To play this game, you need to pick a host, then choose a theme for the game, and get a list of fun questions relating to that. Once that is done, the game can start as the host begins to ask the prepared questions to everyone playing the game.

The aim of trivia questions and answers game is to answer the most questions and for every correct answer, a score is given. At the end of the game, the person or group with the most scores wins the game. A small gift can be awarded to the winner at the end of the game to acknowledge their efforts.


This is one of the great games you can play at home and all you need for it is just a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. To start the game, you need to draw a grid of two horizontal lines dissecting two vertical lines on the paper. After that, the two players take turns picking a box and choosing either X or O to mark their box. There are six boxes and the aim of the game is to fill in three of your selected marks in a block or row, and also, whilst trying to do that, you have to prevent your opponent from filling their own selected marks.


This is another fun game for you to try out at home with your friends and family. Hangman is a paper and pencil guessing game for two or more players.

To set up the game, you get a sheet of paper then create a blank space to represent letters in a word or phrase. The aim of the game is for a player to correctly guess the letters that make up the preselected word or phrase.

Once you set up the game, you get the other players to guess a letter and if the letter is in the word or phrase you picked, you insert it into the blank space. If the letter is not in the answer, it is written aside then part of the hangman is drawn. There are seven chances (also seven steps for drawing the hangman) for you to guess the letter correctly and if you exhaust all of them, you’ve lost the game. If you manage to guess all the letters correctly before the drawing is complete then you’ve won the game, if not, the game is lost.

 Hot Potato

This is quite different from the games above as you don’t need a paper or pencil. It is also quite child friendly when compared to other indoor games.

To play this game, you need to get all the players sitting in a circle and turn on the music, then the “hot potato” which can be a ball, is then passed around in a circle as fast as possible. When the music is stopped, the player holding the “hot potato” is eliminated. This is continued until there is one player left who will be crowned the winner.

 Hide and Seek

This is another fun game to play at home as it is great for children of different ages.

To play hide and seek indoors, you first have to set a limit on the places where the players can hide. The aim of the game is for players to hide in a place where they think it’d be very hard for them to be found, then a selected player goes around looking for the other players where they’ve hidden. The first player found will be the one to look for the other players in the next round. Also, the game is best played in the evening so the dark can help provide better hiding spots.

  Dots and Boxes

This is another paper and pencil game for two players. To set up the game, you need a sheet of paper with an empty grid of dots. Then the two players take their turns adding single vertical or horizontal lines between two adjacent dots that aren’t joined yet. The player who joins the last two dots to make the fourth side of a 1×1 box gets a point. Players have to write either X or O in the boxes to show who completed each of them.

The game finally ends when there are no more free dots to place lines, then the player with the most boxes or points wins the game.

 Guess the Sound

This is another fun game for you to play at home with your friends. To start, you need to get different objects that produce different types of sound. After that, blindfold the players then make them guess the object from which a sound is made.

Some examples include a sheet of paper where you have to tear it or a glass cup where you have to hit the side with a spoon.

 Treasure Hunt

This is another great game for kids to play at home.

To start, you need to hide a precious object then write clues on small pieces of paper. Each of the clues leads the player to a place that has another clue on how to find the hidden object. When the players finally reach the last clue, they will use it to find the hidden object which becomes their own.


Cootie is another paper and pencil game for you to play at home. The aim of this game is to draw a full cootie bug before other players. To play this game, all you need is a pencil, a sheet of paper, and dice.

To set up the game, get all players with a pencil and a sheet of paper then get them to roll a die to get the parts to complete their bug. The numbers on the die represent a different cootie part with 1 for the body, 2 for the head, 3 for the antennae, hat, or bow, 4 for the eye, 5 for the mouth parts, and 6 for the leg.

At first, all the players roll the dice, then the one with the highest number goes first.

To finally start the game, a player must throw a one for the body, and then a two for the head, if the player doesn’t get that he/she has to wait for his/her next turn. Once a player has the body and the head, they can choose to add the remaining parts of the cootie in any order that they please.

If a player throws a number of a cootie part they have, their turn is over, and also, if a player gets a needed number, they get a free roll to try to get another cootie part.

The player to first finish their cootie is the winner of the game.

  1. Freeze!

This is another great game for kids to play while indoors. To start, pick some of your kids’ favorite songs and have them dance until the song is paused. When the song stops playing, they must freeze and avoid moving for as long as possible. The last person to move when the music is stopped is the winner of the game.

Truth or Dare

This is another fun game specifically for adults to play. The aim of the game is to pick between truth and dare when it’s your turn. If you choose truth, you’d be asked a question and you are not to lie. If you choose dare, you’d be dared to do something and you must do it (though there can be pre-agreements on what happens if you can’t perform a dare). Most times, the players sit in a circle and a bottle is spun on the floor, then the person who the bottom of the bottle faces gets to ask the person who the top of the bottle faces “truth or dare”.


This is another paper and pencil game you can play at home with your friends and family. It can be played by lots of people as there’s not really any maximum limit.

To set the game up, you have to get a sheet of paper then write A to Z at the left end of the paper vertically then choose between 5 to 8 categories and write them across the top of the paper. Some categories you can use are name, place, food, animals, TV shows, etc.

To begin playing, the first player chooses any random letter of the alphabet that they please and everyone playing has to come up with a word for each of the selected categories in less than a minute. At the end of each round, a player has to score every other player and give points. You get your full point if no one else wrote the word you wrote but you get a half point if someone did.

IQ Quiz

This game is quite similar to riddles and they help to test our IQ with your knowledge of quiz questions in a subtle and not too serious manner.

To play this game, you need to search for witty and riddle-like questions that require you to think deeply about the answers. You can also search for IQ test images on the internet and use them to play the game.

Most of these questions don’t have surface answers, rather, they have veiled answers and you need to think deeply to get them.

An example of this is “what do you add to oil to make it boil?”, you may think the answer is heat or something similar but the right answer is “letter B” as B + OIL is BOIL.


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