The Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in The World to Visit

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in The World to Visit

Some places in the world are just so unbelievably beautiful, it’s hard to put into words. Here are ten of the most breathtaking places on earth, sure to take your breath away. Lake Baikal, Russia.


This lake is in Siberia and is the deepest lake in the world. It’s almost impossible to describe how incredibly beautiful this place is! The water has a vivid blue colour that just takes your breath away. There are even creatures living in the water called ‘crustaceans’ that are only found here and nowhere else on earth! They look like crabs, but they have more legs than normal crabs.


1. Norway’s Fjords


Norway is a country of stunning natural beauty. The coastline is dominated by tall, snow-capped mountains that plunge into the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. In the warmer months, these mountains are lush and green, with rivers and waterfalls cascading down their slopes.


But during the winter, these mountains are covered with snow and ice. The sun does not rise for several

weeks at a time. The wind howls through the mountains, sending gusts of cold air down to the fjords below. The water in the fjords freezes over, creating massive glaciers that stretch out into the sea. Here is where we find Norway’s Fjords. This photo was taken on a day trip from Geiringer to Loen.


But it is the fjords that make Norway truly unique. Fjords are long, narrow inlets of the sea, carved out by glaciers thousands of years ago. There are more than1,000 fjords in Norway, and they are all different. Some are surrounded by steep, rocky cliffs, while others.


2. The Hawaiian Islands


The Hawaiian Islands are a beautiful and popular tourist destination. There are eight major islands in the chain, and each has something unique to most visitors. From the world-famous Waikiki Beach on Oahu to the rugged beauty of

Kauai, there is something for everyone in Hawaii.


The Hawaiian Islands are also a great place to do business. With a strong economy and a favourable business climate, the islands are a great place to set up shop. And with its diverse culture and friendly people, the Hawaiian Islands are a great place to live and work.

The Honolulu Convention Center is located in the heart of downtown Honolulu, just minutes from Waikiki Beach. The facility is ideal for holding a convention, trade show, or meeting. With a variety of flexible space options and

convenient amenities, the centre provides everything you need for a successful event.


3. India’s Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal is an ivory-white marble mausoleum on the south bank of the Yamuna River in the Indian city of Agra. It was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal is widely recognized as “the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage”.


Construction of the Taj Mahal began in 1632 and was completed in 1653. The cost of construction is estimated to have been about 32 million rupees, which equates to more than $3 billion US dollars today. The construction of the Taj Mahal was commenced in 1632, 22 years after the death of Mumtaz Mahal. It took 22 years to build the Taj Mahal for 32 million rupees. The Taj Mahal is built on a marble platform that is 2 meters high and on which stand for minarets, each 60 feet (18 m) high.


4. Venice, Italy


Venice, Italy is a city rich in history and culture. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and for good reason. There are so many things to see and do in Venice that it is impossible to experience everything

in one visit.


Some of the most popular attractions in Venice include St. Mark’s Basilica, the Rialto Bridge, and the Grand Canal. There are also many museums and art galleries in Venice, as well as a large number of restaurants and bars.

In addition to the historical and cultural attractions, Venice is also a popular destination for people who enjoy the outdoors. Venice’s many canals and ponds are perfect for boating and other water activities.

The first recorded inhabitants of Venice were a tribe of Ligurians called the Veneti. They built wooden houses on stilts along the shoreline of what is now called the Venetian Lagoon. The city was later ruled.


5. The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is one of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders in the world. It’s a steep-sided gorge carved by the Colorado River in America.Southwest. The canyon is about 277 miles (446 kilometres) long, up to 18 miles

(29 kilometres) wide, and 1 mile (1.6 kilometres) deep.


The Grand Canyon was formed by the action of the Colorado River and its tributaries over the last six million years. The river has been cutting through the rock of the Colorado Plateau, slowly widening and deepening the canyon. Rocks that make up the canyon walls are of many different colours.


The rocks were formed between one and two billion years ago when this area was underwater. There are three main layers of rock: sandstone, limestone, and granite.


The Colorado River flows through the Grand Canyon at an average rate of about 3 miles (4.8 kilometres) per hour. This is much slower than it used to be—about 80 years ago.


6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is the second-most populous city in Brazil and the sixth-largest city in the Americas. Situated on the Atlantic coast, it is the capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro and the country’s principal seaport.

The city was one of the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s most popular tourist destination, with 1.5 million. International tourists visit each year. The city has many tourist attractions, such as its world-famous carnival, samba, bossa nova, beaches such as Barra.The da Tijuca, Copacabana and Ipanema, the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, the Sugarloaf Mountain, Maracanã Stadium, the Christ the Redeemer statue, and many museums. Rio de Janeiro is one of the most visited cities in the Southern Hemisphere. 2013 Global Destination Cities Index ranked Rio de Janeiro as the 39th-most-visited city in the world.


7. The Australian Outback


The Australian Outback is one of the most unique and interesting places on Earth. It’s a land of extremes, with scorching deserts and humid rainforests, snow-capped mountains, and a rugged coastline. The Outback is also home to some of the world’s most fascinating and endangered animals, including the kangaroo, wallaby, koala, and Tasmanian devil.

 Anyone interested in nature, wildlife, or history will love the Australian Outback. There are plenty of tours available that will take you to some of the most amazing places in the Outback, including Uluru (Ayers

Rock), Kakadu.

National Park and the Great Barrier Reef. The Outback is also home to some of the world’s most fascinating animals, including the kangaroo, wallaby, koala and Tasmanian devil.

It’s no wonder that many people are calling the Australian Outback “The Land Down Under.”


8.Machu Picchu, Peru for visited


Machu Picchu is a 15th-century Inca citadel perched atop a mountain ridge above the Urubamba Valley, about 70 km (44 mi) northwest of Cuzco. It is perhaps the most familiar icon of Inca civilization. The site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.


Machu Picchu was built in the classical Inca style, with polished dry-stone walls. Its three primary structures are the Insinuating, the Temple of the Sun, and the Room of the Three Windows. Most of the outlying buildings have been reconstructed to give tourists.


9. The Serengeti Plain, Tanzania


The Serengeti Plain is a vast, flat and open grassland located in the north of Tanzania. The Serengeti is world-famous for its large populations of lions, elephants, zebras, and other wildlife. The annual wildebeest migration, which sees millions of animals move from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara in Kenya, is one of the most impressive natural phenomena on Earth.


The Serengeti Plain is a beautiful and awe-inspiring place, and a trip to Africa would not be complete without a visit to this incredible ecosystem.

A vast, flat, and open grassland, the Serengeti is world-famous for its large populations of lions, elephants, zebras, and other wildlife. The annual wildebeest migration, which sees millions of animals move from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara in Kenya, is one of the most impressive natural phenomena on Earth.


The Great Rift Valley Escarpment Route – Ethiopia.


The Great Rift Valley Escarpment Route takes you along.


10. Japan’s Mount Fuji huge


Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. It is an active volcano that last erupted in 1707. The mountain is 3,776 meters high and is a popular tourist destination.


The mountain is located on Honshu Island about 100 kilometres west of Tokyo. The mountain is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Japan’s Mount Fuji is a famous place Mount Fuji is one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations. The mountain is a sacred site for the Japanese and is part of the Shinto religion. Many people climb the mountain to experience the view from its peak and see its iconic shape. In 2015, more than 280,000 people climbed Mount Fuji.


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