RBL credit card apply with 30 Minutes Approval


It is no longer a luxury to have a Credit Card. Credit Cards are a necessity. Credit cards have benefits like interest, cash back, and rewards points. The credit card application process is simple for everyone, whether you are a student, a teacher, a self-employed person, or a salaried employee via this RBL credit card apply process.

Step 1: Select a credit card

There are dozens of different credit cards offered by each bank. Your choice of credit card will depend on how you intend to use the credit cards in India, your requirements, and the benefits you want. Some Credit Cards work better for travel, others for entertainment, and others may be suitable for business. As soon as you have selected the right credit card for you, contact the bank to determine whether you are eligible for the card and what documents you will be required to submit.

Step 2: Update the card application form

Prepare all your documents – a bank will usually ask for proof of your identity, address, and income. Existing customers may not need to provide these documents when applying for credit cards in India. You can apply online, at an ATM, or in a branch near you if you have the necessary documents. The annual fee on most cards usually disappears when you reach a certain amount of spending in a year. Monthly statements will include the annual fee. 

Step 3: Activate the card via the net banking portal  

You will receive the credit card after your application only after your application receives approval. You will be required to sign for it and provide some form of identification upon delivery. When you request a PIN (personal identification number), it is usually delivered separately; sometimes, you may get it on the mobile number you registered. Authenticating Credit Card transactions requires this PIN. After you have the credit card and PIN in your hand, you will need to change the PIN at the nearest ATM of your bank.

Credit card features offered by Bajaj Finserv RBL bank

Easy EMI conversion: 

You can convert purchase transactions above a certain limit into EMIs.

Emergency advance: 

At a nominal interest rate, you can get a personal loan on the amount of cash you have available.

Interest-free cash withdrawal: 

Cash withdrawals are not subject to interest for 50 days.

5% cashback: 

Bajaj Finserv partners give around 5% cashback on all down payments at Bajaj Finserv partners.

Pay with points: 

Redeem your reward points on the EMI network to make the down payment.

Shop more, save more: 

This card offers you savings of up to 55,000 rupees every year when you shop.

Reward point benefit: 

With BookMyShow, you can get up to eight complimentary accesses to airport lounges or one plus one movie ticket in a year.

Status of RBL Credit Card Applications

You can use your reference number and mobile number when checking on the status of thecredit card application status;note that this step is only possible after you have applied for an RBL Bank Credit Card. This guide contains detail on tracking both your online and offline RBL credit card application status if you have applied for an RBL credit card.

Apply online for an RBL Bank credit card and check its status

Checking your RBL credit card apply status through the Internet is one of the easiest ways to do so. If you want to know your application status, you need your reference number and registered mobile number.

Each applicant for an RBL credit card is issued a unique identification number known as an application reference number or application number. When you submit your application online, a pop-up, email, or SMS may inform you of the number.

You will find the credit card number on an acknowledgment slip if you submit the credit card application directly to the bank/agent. Please keep the number until you receive your credit card, as you may need it for future queries regarding your application.

Also, have your RBL credit card application number on hand to check the RBL Card application status once you have both details.

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