5 Best Antibody Production Services

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Antibodies are a biological product in great demand for academic and pharmaceutical research. When researching particular target proteins or dealing with immune system functions, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies must be routinely manufactured. Antigen design, animal vaccination, hybridoma formation, and protein purification are all processes in developing such antibodies requiring specialized technical knowledge. In addition, to assure quality, screening and tests are necessary for the interim. Outsourcing these activities to competent service providers may substantially simplify the process, freeing up time and effort. 


Several firms provide unique antibody manufacture, development, and discovery services. Antigen preparation, hybridoma formation, phage display, antibody purification, protein characterization, and antibody conjugation are just a few of the services available. As a result, research teams can achieve more productivity in less time by harnessing the tools and experience of commercial antibody creation services.

Here are the best places to get antibody production service based on critical on the highest standards.

Boster Antibody And ELISA Experts 




Boster’s team has generated over 10,000 rabbit polyclonal antibodies since 1993. From antigen design through final antibody purification, Boster’s team of professionals will assist you at every stage of the antibody manufacturing process. 


Customers that want unique antibodies for unusual species or antibodies that other providers have discontinued can take advantage of an impressive $600 bespoke polyclonal antibody manufacturing package offered by Boster Bio. Your personalized antibody may be created for $600, which is not much more than the cost of a standard antibody. Gene synthesis and recombinant protein/antigen expression services are also part of this package. If it weren’t for their accelerated antibody design and production procedures and economies of scale, these two services would be worth a lot more than $600.  




Since 2002, Biomatik has happily served over 10,000 scientists. In the early years, the antibody specialists worked primarily on biochemicals, enzymes, gene synthesis, and peptide synthesis services. Still, they have since quickly expanded their capabilities to cover ELISA Kits, Protein Production, and Antibody Production Services. 


Biomatik also collaborates closely with its R&D and manufacturing companies, as well as 35+ global distributors. Their mission is to become a beneficial partner in life sciences research and drug development by providing high-quality research goods and tailored solutions at reasonable pricing to researchers worldwide. 


The list of products you can get with Biomatik includes 17,000+ proteins, 29,000+ ELISA Kits, 25,000+ Antibodies, 280+ Biochemicals & Enzymes are among the products available. On the other hand, their antibody services include Protein expression and purification, Gene Synthesis, Peptide Synthesis, Antibody Production, and Antibody Sequencing Services.  


Thermofisher Scientifc 

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Several research organizations and scientists have discovered the assistance they require from Thermofisher’s skilled staff to achieve their bespoke antibody aims. This firm can assist you in developing a unique polyclonal, monoclonal hybridoma, or recombinant antibody. From antigen design through purification and screening, Thermofisher provides outstanding antibody creation solutions. They can build bespoke antibodies with improved specificity, affinity, and assay usefulness thanks to their in-depth understanding of antigen-defining parameters.  


This specialist service improves your chances of getting an antibody that can differentiate between even closely related proteins in complicated mixtures whether you use ICC, IHC, IF, ELISA, FACS, western blotting, or immunoprecipitation to describe protein expression patterns.  




RayBiotech is a prominent provider of proteome discovery tools in the life sciences industry. RayBiotech has almost 150 people whose goals are to deliver exceptional goods and support to RayBiotech clients in 41 countries, including scientists in business, academic institutions, and research institutes. RayBiotech is dedicated to driving client success in the Life Sciences via innovation and leadership. For example, RayBiotech was the first to offer a commercially viable cytokine antibody array.  


Hundreds more arrays and immunoassays for efficient investigation of proteins implicated in apoptosis, inflammation, angiogenesis, cell development, and signal transduction have been added to their product lines since then. In terms of services, Array Testing, Ultrasensitive biomarker detection, Biomarker Discovery, and Custom Assay Development are just a few of RayBiotech’s many services. 



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ProSci provides unique monoclonal antibody creation services using hybridoma technology as part of complete packages to meet your antibody requirements. Depending on your goal, we recognize that researchers have a variety of demands and levels of engagement in generating monoclonal antibodies. We satisfy your antibody success demands and deliver bespoke monoclonal antibody solutions with their flexible services, extensive range of antibody development experience, and expanded capabilities.

Furthermore, ProSci’s polyclonal antibodies come in several bespoke combinations and standard packaging to help researchers get the most out of their research. A polyclonal antibody from ProSci is versatile, dependable, and simple to use, allowing for excellent results in any investigation. In addition, researchers can focus on other analyses by outsourcing standard or bespoke polyclonal antibody creation to ProSci’s antibody experts.


Based on this list, antibody manufacturing services provide reasonably priced packages and purification alternatives for antibody synthesis. From synthesis, peptide design, and carrier protein conjugation through animal vaccination, hybridoma fusion, serum collection, titer measurement, and final antibody purification, you may get comprehensive support for all types and processes of antibody manufacturing.

Some of these services can also immunize rabbits, chickens, goats, guinea pigs, mice, or rats with recombinant proteins or protein fragments given by you or generated and processed in a commercial lab to make antibodies. Also, research teams may create unique antibodies with unequaled specificity, affinity, and assay utility using extensive information of antigen-determining parameters. 

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