DNA temporarily lowers prices for sports channel packages

And offers movies and series to subscribers. The situation caused by the corona virus also affects the sports content of pay channels. Most sporting events have been postponed and series have been suspended. DNA has announced that it will temporarily lower subscription prices for most sports channel packages with existing subscribers. In addition, a wide range of other program offerings – movies and series – have been opened for the whole family during the sports break.

The changes apply to customers subscribing

to C More and Via sat sports channel packages from DNA who receive channels on DNA’s cable network, over broadband via the DNA TV Hub or the DNA TV application. They are valid during the break for sports broadcasts. “The situation is very unfortunate and serious in every way. However, in this exceptional situation, we want to ensure that our customers have the most comprehensive programming possible and pricing that matches the offer,”says Jane Haikonen , DNA’s Senior Vice President, Broadband and TV. The changes do not require separate measures from the subscribers.

Movies, series, and other program content for the whole family

All of Core’s movie and series channels have been added to the C More 스포츠중계 channel package, and subscribers will also have access to the full range of C More streaming movies and series during the sports break.

All of Visit’s movie, series and documentary channels have been added to the Via sat Sports, Vaasa Football, Vista Hockey and Visa Golf channel packages, and subscribers will also have access to the full range of Via play streaming movies and series during the sports break.

Subscribers to the via play Sport channel package will also have access to all the contents of the Via play Total package during the sports break.

The replacement content is added to the packets automatically, but if the receiver does not find new channels, DNA advises you to perform a new channel search according to the device’s instructions.

The temporary price reductions apply to existing

subscribers to the sports channel packages specifically mentioned and will take effect from the beginning of the next billing period, April 1. More detailed information on temporary price reductions for sports channel packages can be found in the customer bulletin (address link below in the bulletin). In addition, subscribers to channel packages will also be notified of the changes via SMS.

DNA takes care of the reliability of the capacity of its networks and services


As a responsible player, DNA contributes to slowing down the spread of the coronavirus and maintaining the ability of society to function in accordance with the Government’s and THL’s policies.

“We take care of our operational capacity and the good quality of our networks and services even in these exceptional times,” Haikonen emphasizes.

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